Led Christmas Lights
Looking for Christmas tree lights? LED Christmas lights are the latest rage!

Looking for Christmas tree lights? LED Christmas lights are the latest rage!


Light up your holiday season with LED Christmas lights. Party lights can add warmth and joy to your home all year long.

With LED Christmas lights, you can decorate your outdoor tree in all sorts of different colors. You can also find indoor LED Christmas tree lights, or battery operated white candles.

Add a festive mood to your outdoor patio party lights with GE chili pepper lights. LED Christmas lights can also double as year round party lights.

Novelty Christmas tree lights can be found through many of the manufacturers listed on this site. Find great online shopping and discounts with our LED lights.

Read on for more information on LED lights and Christmas tree lights.

History of Seasonal Lights

Decorating Christmas trees with lights and ornaments is a tradition that began a long time ago.

Although traditionally thought of as an American custom, the tradition of decorating with the Christmas tree lights originated in Europe.

People used to place lanterns and candles in the trees outside of their home, to light the way for loved ones and good spirits that were believed to watch over them during the dark winter nights.

Introduced into Western Culture, tree lights soon became a Christmas tradition. With the invention of the light bulb, the candles that originally hung on indoor trees were quickly replaced by safer electric lights.

The American custom brought safe, electric lights to many homes throughout the world. With the invention of incandescent light bulbs and tungsten filament bulbs, early Christmas lights produced a simple white glow.

As the effectiveness of seasonal light bulbs grew, GE was the first manufacturer to introduce Christmas, party and seasonal light bulbs to a mass market. Many manufacturers like Edison soon followed suit.

Many types of Christmas lights have swept the market within the last 100 years. From icicle lights, to frosted, timed bulbs, the history of holiday lights has been very colorful.

Blue LED Christmas Lights

String of 35 LED Bulbs. Indoor/Outdoor. Shipping $10.00


All Types of Bulbs

Today we can choose from a large selection of Christmas and party light bulbs.

The most popular Christmas light bulbs available today can be purchased online.

You can find lights for every application like outdoor, indoor and tree lights. Find specialty lights, like beautiful angels or stars, to light up the top of your Christmas tree.

Lights of all colors and shapes come in frosted styles, string lights, automatic lights, battery operated lights and more.

Here is a list of some great indoor and outdoor lights:

  • Candles
  • Tree toppers
  • Bubble lights
  • Clear & colored

You may choose to decorate your tree with candles, like they did in the past, but it's a lot safer to do now than it was then. A battery operated light replaces the flame, greatly reducing the risk of fire.

Battery operated tree toppers are easy to use. Choose from Christ-like images, angels, snowflakes, stars, moons and more.

Who remembers bubble lights? It’s a fad from the early seventies that’s still found in many homes today. Traditional Christmas bubble lights are battery powered. The battery powers bubbles which gently flow through water inside the bulb. The bulbs are clear or multi-colored.

For your outdoor decorations, you can find replacement and new sets of mini or large bulbs. Weather-proofed to give long lasting light, you can choose whatever length and voltage you require.

More Seasonal Lights

Lights come in styles and colors for all seasons and party themes.

Decorate your back patio or the interior of your house for any holiday season. From Halloween to Hannaka, Christmas and more, brighten your season with party lights.

Chilli pepper lights are a fun choice for patio decorations. These stringed lights come in clear or multi-colors, and they're weather resistant to make them last.

Does your party have a theme? Safe indoor decorative lights come in all themes like: fish, birds, butterflies, hearts, pumpkins, bats, bunnies, candles, flowers and more.

Get your seasonal lights in any length, from 16 to over 20 feet!

Check out these manufacturers for the best deals and discount light bulbs on all seasonal lights: LED, General Electric, Edison, Kodak, Carousel, Sylvania, Philips, Feit, Westinghouse, Canon, Piaa and more.

The Christmas holiday season is celebrated in many different ways all over the world. From religious traditions to cultural, Christmas means so much to so many. Light up your season this year, with great discounts from our buyer’s guide.

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