GE Light Bulbs
Free! Your online guide to high powered fluorescent bulbs and GE light bulbs

Free! Your online guide to high powered fluorescent bulbs and GE light bulbs


GE Light Bulbs a very bright idea!

Since Thomas Edison created the first useable incandescent light bulb, pictures of light bulbs have changed considerably.

Now with many light bulb brands available, like GE and Phillips, it can be confusing just trying to purchase a simple light bulb! There are so many fluorescent light bulbs to choose from.

Manufacturers of GE light bulbs are helping consumers find replacement bulbs by publishing online pictures of light bulbs.

GE light bulbs are designed to be used in automobiles, industrial areas, aquariums, plant grow lights, dimmable, circular or fluorescent fixtures, freezers, offices, tanning beds & more.

Fluorescent Lights

You can utilize fluorescent light bulbs in many different ways. For instance, black and incandescent lights create cool effects, while full spectrum lights are bright and energy efficient.

Brands like GE halogen bulbs have high intensity discharges. GE offers compact fluorescent bulbs, stage and studio bulbs, miniature, sealed beam and projector bulbs.

For all of your lighting needs the internet is your first choice.

Special lighting

Regular bulbs may not be enough when you need the spectrum of more powerful, professional bulbs. If you need special lighting, check out these high powered bulbs.

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Black
  • Detailed spec

Online sites can help to assist you in developing quality lighting systems for your home, office, or outdoor area. Some special lights are also cold & rain proof.


Search online for information on Philips, Panasonic, Phillips, Enrich, Reptisun (UVB fluorescent bulbs for reptiles and turtles) and Westek high powered light bulbs.

Purchase your wholesale light bulbs from online auctions or online discount warehouses. Check out our buyers guide for the links you need.

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