Replacement Automotive Bulbs
Warning to drivers: Using the right Automotive bulbs can help you avoid accidents

Warning to drivers: Using the right Automotive bulbs can help you avoid accidents


Everyone wants long life automotive bulbs for their vehicle headlights. Automotive light bulbs come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit cars, trucks, SUVís, and motorcycles.

Burned out automotive light bulbs can make driving at night dangerous. Always carry replacement automotive light bulbs in your vehicle for emergency situations.

There are several types of quality auto light bulbs available on the market today. Which brand of bulbs should you choose?

Let this online guide to automotive bulbs help you choose and compare the right light bulb for your automobile.

Bulb Benefits

It's important to look for high quality in automotive bulbs. Your safety depends on it!

Manufacturers like Halogen & Xenon are two great brands that offer these benefits in their automotive light bulbs:

  • Longer life
  • Cool burning
  • No harmful UV rays

Although some automobile bulbs can be handled with bare hands, you should always use caution when replacing a burned out bulb.

Halogen bulbs burn up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is extremely hot and can cause serious harm to unprotected skin.

Use caution and follow the manufacturer's instructions when replacing or removing your auto light bulbs.

Vintage Bulbs

Vintage or antique auto light bulbs are classified as any lightbulbs made between 1930 and 1980.

Vintage bulbs are a must when restoring an older, classic car. You can find the right vintage look and fit at many online sites, often at a great discount.

Browse our buyers guide for some great links to sites that cater to vintage, antique and hard to find parts.

Sealed Beam

Many older cars were designed with frosted tungsten sealed beam headlights. These tungsten lamps gradually lose the brightness of their light output.

If you canít find a replacement sealed beam headlight, try converting them to use Halogen or Xenon replacement bulbs.

Get high performance bulbs from brand name manufacturers.

Plasma Headlights

New plasma bulbs emit a cool looking blue or purple glow from your automobile lights.

You can find specialty bulbs from many light bulb manufacturers like Phillips, Sylvania, and Osram.

You may wish to check with the local authorities before you install any plasma headlights, halogen light bulbs, or xenon auto light bulb in your car, since plasma headlights are illegal in some areas.

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