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Car Light Bulbs – Illumination Efficiency
Car Light Bulbs should be checked and clean regularly to ensure maximum illumination and efficiency so other car drivers will be able to see your lights.

Modern Lights – Replace Existing Technology
Modern Lights have evolved a great deal with the introduction of LED’s and compact light emitting diodes for homes and business illumination applications

Aftermarket Car Lights – Can Save You Money
Aftermarket Car Lights provide huge savings compared to HID bulb costs saving auto drivers of luxury cars many hundreds of dollars.

Philips Automobile Lights – Safer Driving
Philips Automobile Lights provide increased viewing distance with 20% more light and a longer beam for auto drivers at night.

Halogen Light Poles – Compact Design
Halogen Light Poles provide flexible low voltage illumination with smaller bulbs and easy to use connectors that allow you to place halogen lights anywhere along the track.

Chromalux Light Bulbs – Improved Lighting
Chromalux Light Bulbs provide a natural white light with their low voltage low heat design and provide natural illumination for many homes and office applications.

Quartz Halogen Lights – Non UV Blockers
Quartz Halogen Lights can be configured to provide non UV blocking rays in a variety of bulb configurations and Quartz crystal power ratings.

UV Light Bulbs – Disinfect Water
UV Light Bulbs can be used to sterilize water by illuminating the water as it passes a UV bulb with sufficient power

Fluorescent Lights – Reducing Energy Bills
Fluorescent Lights reduce energy requirements and illuminate work space and homes more efficiently while assisting the environment by reducing the energy requirements.

LED Traffic Lights – Cities Save Money
LED Traffic Lights are replacing incandescent lights and saving cities money in terms of reduced electrical and maintenance costs for illumination of traffic signal lights.

SAD Light Bulbs – Fight Winter Depression
SAD light bulbs provide welcome relief to SAD and provide illumination for reading and working in your home or office.

Titanium-Dioxide Coated Lights – Energy Efficient
Titanium-Dioxide Coated Lights reduce energy and improve the air you breath while operating as a normal light in your home.

Light Emitting Diodes – Still Developing New Ideas
Light Emitting Diodes provide energy savings, emit strong bright colours and provide light applications in many different electronic components and equipment

Indoor LED Lights – Costs are Coming Down
Indoor LED Lights provide a great opportunity to use light emitting diodes to decrease energy costs and significantly improve green house gas generation.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs – Hotels Reduce Costs
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs contribute energy savings, improve illumination and reduce hotel air conditioning costs with the introduction of fluorescent light bulbs to replace existing incandescent.

Fog Light Bulbs – Reduce Glare
Fog Light Bulbs provide additional illumination during fog conditions, heavy snowstorms and heavy rain. Light bulbs are pointed downwards to avoid reflection of the light.

Ultraviolet Light Bulbs – Improve Health
Ultraviolet Light Bulbs improve health by radiating the air with UV light, which damages the DNA of moulds and viruses which causes them to die.

UV Cleansing Bulbs – Now Available for Residences
UV Cleansing Bulbs will help to cleanse your home of air borne contaminants by proper placement of ultra-violet lights to maximize cleaning of the air.

Tractor Light Bulbs – Work in Difficult Work Sites
Tractor Light Bulbs provide rugged illumination on work sites and factories for construction workers who need safe operating conditions provided by HID lights.

Long Lasting Bulbs – Switch to A CFL
Long Lasting Bulbs provide energy savings, last longer, illuminate the same area and the light bulbs are safer since there is little heat generated.

LCD Display Lights – Now Readable in Sunlight
LCD Display Lights provide new opportunities and applications for brighter liquid crystal displays that use transflective technology such as billboard displays and routing displays.

High Performance Headlights – Improve Night Visibility
High Performance Headlights increase visibility at night, providing a brighter white light allowing drivers to see much further at night.

DJ Club Lights – Entertain Customers
DJ Club Lights provide exciting light shows with many patterns and illumination styles to increase your disco club patrons enjoyment.

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