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Energy Efficient Bulbs – Help the Environment
Energy efficient bulbs save consumers money in terms of ongoing electrical utility costs and provide a positive impact on the environment as well.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs – Save Money
Fluorescent light bulbs in compact form can now replace most incandescent bulbs and save you money at the same time. A fluorescent light bulb can be installed almost anywhere.

Energy Star Fluorescent Bulbs – Big Savings
Energy Star Fluorescent Bulbs save energy for consumers, reduce needs for power plants and have a positive impact on the environment.

Holiday Lighting Tips – Set the Mood for Entertaining
Holiday Lighting tips add Christmas cheer and create a festive environment in and around your home during the holiday season.

Efficient Light Bulbs – Holiday Lighting
Efficient Light Bulbs such as fibre optics and light emitting diodes are now available to provide Christmas lights in your home and office.

Outdoor Lighting – Add Backyard Enjoyment Year Round
Outdoor lighting adds illumination to back yards and gardens to provide subtle background lighting on your patio or around your pool.

ENERGY STAR Qualified Lights – Save Energy Costs
ENERGY STAR Qualified Lights provide customers with significant savings in energy use reducing monthly light bills and green house gases.

Compact Fluorescent Lights – Where to Use Them
Compact fluorescent lights should be used in locations where the lights will be used continuously to provide light and maximize savings.

General Electric Light Bulbs – Pure True Light
General Electric Light Bulbs provide pure true light, with their Reveal light bulbs using an added chemical called Neodymium that is added to the glass

HID Headlight Bulbs – Intense White Light
HID Headlight Bulbs provide high intensity white light that is four times the intensity of regular lights on most cars and trucks.

Unusual Light Bulbs – Hard to Find
Unusual Light Bulbs are hard to find for antique lights or special discontinued lights, when the have specific shapes and illumination requirements

Xenon Light Bulbs – Extend Their Life
Xenon light bulbs life cycle can be extended by using voltage control devices to protect the light bulb from voltage swings.

Innovative Light Bulbs – Unique Specialty Items
Innovative Light Bulbs are available for many applications to illuminate rooms and lights when the power fails and you need emergency lighting.

Emergency Light Bulbs – Save Lives
Emergency Light Bulbs provide safety and illumination for consumers when faced with a crisis that requires light and a signal to emergency crews.

Halogen Bulb Risk – Avoid Fire Risks
Halogen Bulb Risk should be examined carefully and steps taken to reduce the risk from these lights causing fire or burns

Energy Efficient Bulbs – Long Lasting
Energy efficient bulbs provide significant energy savings and power reduction for many different lighting requirements on airlines, in automobiles and control rooms.

Marine Light Bulbs – Energy Savings
Marine Light Bulbs converted to LED’s provide better illumination and energy savings than incandescent bulbs for marine navigation in ocean and lake environments

Xenon Headlight Bulbs – See Better at Night
Xenon Headlight Bulbs provide better illumination and add significantly to the stopping distance that drivers have available when driving at night.

Halogen Lighting Systems – Compact Design
Halogen Lighting Systems provide light systems for desk top and floor level lamps in addition to systems installed with furniture designs.

Halogen Light Bulbs
Halogen light bulbs can be installed in cars and trucks, however care must be taken since these lights operate at 500 degrees or more.

BMW Head Lights – Luxury Plus Design
BMW Head Lights utilize a combination of both halogen light bulbs and bi-xenon lights in their front grill to provide that standard luxury BMW look.

Car Light Kits – Make a Statement
Car Light Kits provide all types of lighting systems for both interior and exterior decoration that allows drivers add artistic colour to their cars.

Decorative LED Lights – Safer, Better, And More Colourful
Decorative LED Lights are revolutionizing Christmas tree lights and providing customers to save energy with these new lights and increase safety as well.

Halogen Display Lights – Illuminate Your Displays
Halogen Display Lights can be used to illuminate works of art and enhance the display to bring out the full colour and beauty of the subject.

Illumination Concerns – Add Additional Lighting
Illumination Concerns can be alleviated with the addition of lighting using compact fluorescent lights in many locations throughout the home.

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