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Sylvania light bulbs com. headlight maintenance essential for safe driving

Sylvania light bulbs com. headlight maintenance essential for safe driving

Statistics shine a light on an important safety concern – visibility. More traffic accidents occur at night than during the day. The University of Michigan Transportations Research Institute recently released a study showing that approximately 2,300 pedestrians are killed in the U.S. annually because of drivers’ inability to see at night. Maintaining your car’s headlights can be an important step in safer nighttime driving.

To maintain your headlights, be sure they are:

Clean - Give them a quick scrub when you wash your windows at the gas station. Clean headlights can help you see better and can help prevent glare, which can be intensified by dust and dirt particles on the glass.

Aimed properly – Headlight aim can often be knocked out of position by driving off-road or over potholes, which may contribute to unsafe nighttime driving conditions. Next time you get your oil changed or are at the repair shop, ask the service person to check, and if necessary, adjust your headlights.

Free of road chips, condensation and surface scratches – These things decrease visibility and contribute to glare while driving.

“Proper headlight maintenance is critical to safer driving, especially during nighttime hours,” said Dennis Holt, reliability & regulations manager, SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting. “Most people change their car’s oil and rotate tires on a regular basis. We also encourage everyone to get in the habit of routinely maintaining their headlights.”

Aside from these, replacing headlights before they burn out can be a good idea. When a headlight burns out, visibility is diminished and the safety of passengers and pedestrians can be compromised. Proactively changing bulbs and carrying a spare in your glove compartment are two simple ways to reduce accident risk. Another way to enhance visibility is to install high performance replacement headlight bulbs.

Where can you get them? Most dealerships or auto parts stores carry them. SYLVANIA (the same that provides light bulbs for your home) also offers a product called SilverStar, a halogen headlight bulb upgrade option that provides up to 20 percent higher luminance and a higher color temperature than standard headlights.

The whiter, brighter light of SilverStar halogens provide an affordable, legal way to enhance driver visibility and create a safer, more enjoyable driving experience.

For additional information on headlight upgrade options visit or visit your local dealer or auto parts store.

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