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Updated report on residential market shares of different types of bulbs

Updated report on residential market shares of different types of bulbs

Regional Economic Research, Inc. (RER) reports that the market share of compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) continues to rise in California. CFLs have achieved a substantial statewide market share. As of June 2001, they constituted approximately a five times greater market share in California than the market share throughout the rest of the country. These conclusions and more are contained in the recently released updated study that tracks the market share of different types of bulbs. "This report contains the first available hard evidence of the market shares of energy efficiency lighting products in the residential sector. As such, it provides valuable information to utility energy efficiency program planners and other agencies and individuals promoting energy efficient lighting products," explains Richard Pulliam, Project Manager from Southern California Edison.

The project is funded through the California Public Goods Charge Energy Efficiency Funds, is managed by Southern California Edison, and is being conducted by Regional Economic Research, Inc. This report offers a comprehensive look at the residential market for light bulb sales in California and nationwide. It is a section of a larger statewide residential market share tracking study, which includes information on appliances, HVAC, new construction and water heaters. The lighting report is based on point-of-sales data from five major sales channels (food, drug, mass merchandiser, home improvement, and hardware stores) through which lamps are sold were reviewed. A computerized system has been developed that collects line item detail on monthly lamp sales, beginning in July 1998. The California data are further segmented into the service territories for each of the state's investor-owned utilities.

The continuing concerns about energy availability in California have increased the focus on energy conservation. The availability of quarterly CFL tracking data has thus far confirmed the well publicized explosion in CFL sales as residential customers endeavor to cut their electricity bills. In addition, the lamp tracking data indicate that home improvement stores continue to dominate efficient lighting sales in California. Alan Fields, Vice President of Consulting & Analysis at RER, explains, "This is not surprising given the heavy focus on these stores by the state's lighting programs. However, the data also suggest grocery stores still sell a substantial percentage of incandescent bulbs and may be a useful channel in which to explore additional CFL sales opportunities."

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