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Mitsubishi Electric launches the XD300U multimedia projector with longer lasting projector light bulbs

Mitsubishi Electric launches the XD300U multimedia projector with longer lasting projector light bulbs

The latest multimedia projector from Mitsubishi Electric has just been launched and it promises to be one of the clearest, brightest and lightest on the market. The second-generation model (XD300U) builds on the success of its remarkably popular predecessor, yet will incorporate even more advanced features guaranteed to make any home theatre or work presentation spectacular.

Designed to suit both the corporate and home theatre markets, big or small, light or dark this new multimedia projector can handle every projection job with ease. The powerful 2100 ANSI lumens are sufficient to project vivid, high-definition images under typical indoor lighting in large spaces.

As this is a Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector, each pixel has its own amplified light source, meaning that the brightness and contrast will always be consistent, so there is virtually no limit to the picture size possible.

An impressive 2000:1 contrast ratio means that the contrast between the brightest and darkest areas of the image are crystal clear, making for superior picture detail and definition.

An impressive/unique/class leading/superior? 4000 hours of lamp life is twice that of the average bulb. In real terms this can result in a substantial saving in money, time and effort replacing bulbs.

Equipped with the latest generation of Mitsubishi Electric’s patented Natural Colour Matrix, this projector provides vivid and accurate colour reproduction that helps to add realism and appeal to any presentation.

It complies with the Microsoft sRGB standard for accurate reproduction. Therefore, colours as seen on a desktop monitor will be faithfully reproduced by the projector.

Offering operating convenience for system installation, this projector is equipped with four different inputs (2xVideo and 2xPC) that allow for a variety of audiovisual and PC peripheral equipment to be connected easily. This kind of versatility is especially welcome when upgrading from a conventional CRT projector or creating a complete system for permanent installation.

The Logo Capture function allows the projector to be customised to the user’s preference by inserting a corporate name, logo, message or image that will appear on start up or when PICTURE MUTE is activated.

To further improve operating ease, the Learning Remote can be programmed to control DVD players and VCR’s connected to the projector.

All these impressive features are wrapped up in a stylish and small 3kg package, making the XD300U the perfect projector for home or office use.

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