Westinghouse Light Bulbs
Westinghouse light bulbs presents Builder Bytes

Westinghouse light bulbs presents Builder Bytes

Westinghouse's Web site gets a facelift The Angelo Brothers Company announced that it will join the Westinghouse Lighting Corporation. "We're proud to be part of the Westinghouse family and to market products under one of the most powerful and trustworthy consumer brands of our time," says Stanley Angelo, chairman and CEO of Westinghouse Lighting Corporation.

The new Westinghouse Lighting Corporation will focus on the manufacturing, marketing and sales of Westinghouse brand light bulbs, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and decorative lighting hardware. "We're pleased to welcome Angelo Brothers to the Westinghouse family," says James F. Davis, vice president of Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

Westinghouse Lighting Corporation has also developed a new e-commerce Web site. At www.westinghouselighting.com, builders now have the convenience of customizing their orders online. "Because Westinghouse has such a wide array of lighting products, including fixtures, ceiling fans and light bulbs, this is truly a one-stop shopping experience for the builder," says Len Dubas, vice president of marketing.

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