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Attractive design, sturdy and extremely flexible globe light bulbs system

Attractive design, sturdy and extremely flexible globe light bulbs system

Whether indoors or outdoors, the BR 50 signal tower fromPfannenberg cuts a fine figure and is as safe as it is reliable indisplaying the operating status of machinery and triggering alarms.The sturdy, attractive BR 50 signal tower from Pfannenberg is anextremely flexible modular system that leaves nothing to be desired,displaying the operating status of machinery and triggering alarms - andall that, irrespective of whether in indoor or outdoor use whereverconditions are rough, loud and dusty.It is possible to connect up to as many as five of the round, 50 mm-diameter modules in globe colours red, yellow, orange, blue or white,simply by plugging them together at their bayonet joints.

The signaltowers are available in 2 versions with continuous light, a flashing lightmodule with maximum 7 W power, a flashing light module with 0.6 joulesflashing power, as well as an acoustic module with seven sound patternsand a sound level of 85 dB (A) - each for 24 V DC or 230 V ACoperation.And the installation options are just as varied: direct, stand, tube incombination with installation bracket or wall bracket. Those who don’twant to have to change the light bulbs on a regular basis can fit LEDelements in the BA15d-size sockets to ensure 10 times the service life oftraditional light bulbs. The elements are available in red, yellow andgreen, with a power consumption of only 80 mA.

The sturdy BR 50, manufactured from durable, impact-resistant materialssuch as polycarbonate, ABS and stainless steel, is wholeheartedlydesigned for industrial applications, whether in automated production orin engineering. The protection system is available in standard IP 54, oralso 65 for outdoor applications.Extremely flexible modular system for displaying the operating status of machinery and triggering alarms inindustrial applications: simply plug together light, flashing light and acoustic modules in a number of permutationsto satisfy your personal needs.

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