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BCD Forum develops end-to-end requirements for broadband content delivery with The Lightbulb company

BCD Forum develops end-to-end requirements for broadband content delivery with The Lightbulb company

The Broadband Content Delivery Forum (BCD Forum) has completed the development of end-to-end requirements for the delivery of broadband content. While previous industry endeavors have addressed component-by-component requirements, this landmark effort meets the needs of content, network and service providers as well as consumers. The BCD Forum's 126 infrastructure working committee members–representing 77 broadband companies–finalized these requirements during the organization's winter conference January 9-11. The committee is now preparing an informational Request for Comment (RFC) for review at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting in March.

"The infrastructure working committee has developed requirements for all four phases of broadband content delivery: 1) finding an asset; 2) preparing the network for delivery; 3) delivering content; and 4) clean-up," explains Gary Disher, committee chairman. "Three companion documents are also in process. They address quality of service requirements, personal content tunnels and meta-data definitions. These documents will soon be submitted to appropriate industry forums or standards bodies for review."

"The BCD Forum predicts that many other critical elements will come together this year for the broadband industry," states Dave Ginsburg, BCD Forum's chairman and vice president of marketing for Allegro Networks. "For example, content providers will align with content data networking companies to deliver even higher-quality broadband content to the Internet. In addition, the necessary quality of service support, security, intelligent caching and content distribution infrastructure will be widespread by the end of the year. This will enable service providers to offer quality connectivity between content sources and subscribers. The BCD Forum, through its working committees, will help speed these and other efforts."

The BCD Forum's market development group, for example, "is pointing the way toward innovative business models via a taxonomy that organizes, defines and segments the broadband content and delivery market and provides a catalog index for the industry," explains Stephen Paul, market development group chairman and director of content and media for InfoLibria. "We delivered Version 1.1 of this taxonomy at the winter conference. We will release Version 2.0 at the April plenary session, which will include 'clips-on-demand' business modeling scenarios for news, weather, finance, sports, and the like."

The BCD Forum's content and applications working group announces that it has reviewed a preliminary version of content provider and end-user requirements for broadband networks. According to Judy Nunn, acting chairperson and system architect of the BBC, "In February we will submit a draft version to the other working groups to set the priorities for the infrastructure group. Meanwhile, we are developing a content providers survey to better understand their requirements."

The BCD Forum is also offering expert insight into the emerging broadband market. The organization hosted four tutorials at its recent conference. Topics consisted of: 1) "Understanding L2-7 Technology and the Impact on the Web," presented by Eric Toperzer of Nortel Networks; 2) "Challenges Facing Entertainment Companies," presented by Jonathan Jensen of Lightbulb Digital Media Labs and Jason Mercer of Viacom Productions; 3) "The Future of Video on the Internet," presented by Bruce Leichtman of Vividon; and 4) "Rich Media Delivery for the Masses: The Role of Content Delivery Networking," presented by Clint Chao of SkyStream Networks. The winter conference also included an informative round-table discussion with representatives from consumer-focused content developer sites, such as, TechTV, CNET, BBC, and Lightbulb.

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