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Wayfinding at Gaylord Opryland Nashville with colored light bulbs etc as your guide

Wayfinding at Gaylord Opryland Nashville with colored light bulbs etc as your guide

What a difference a year makes! If you haven’t been to our property since the year 2000, you haven’t experienced our Wayfinding improvements.

In an effort to make the property easier for our guests to navigate on their own, we have undertaken a massive project that includes signs, color schemes, icons, etc. Here are the details:

1. New color schemes have been incorporated into our guestroom hallways. The color schemes match the colors on the stationary maps and Guest Guides, as well as the sign colors in these areas. The color scheme by section is as follows:

Cascades = dark green

Garden Conservatory = light green

Magnolia = gold

Delta = red

2. New signs have been placed throughout the property to direct guests to the different sections. The signs in the guestroom hallways have background colors that match the color scheme of that section (see above). There are more than 700 directional signs that have been installed throughout the public space. Many of these signs are overhead or street sign design that guide our guests throughout the property. We have also installed new signs at the guestroom doors (2881) and in the guestroom hallways. In total, we have installed more than 4000 new signs throughout the interior of the hotel.

3. New Guest Guides were designed using the color schemes in the property. The Guest Guides include information about Retail and Food & Beverage outlets, as well as floor plans for the Convention Center.

4. All guestrooms were renumbered using an alphanumeric designation, so that our guests would know exactly where their room is located. The first character of the room is a letter indicating the section in which the room is located. The second character is a number indicating the floor level on which the room can be found. The last three characters are numbers indicating the actual room number. As an example: M2100 is in the Magnolia section, 2nd floor level, room 100.

5. When guests check in at the Front Desk, they are given a key that has the section name on it, as well as the background color for that room section, and an icon indicating the section as well. As an example: A key for a room in the Magnolia section would have a gold background, the name “Magnolia”, and an icon that has a Magnolia blossom. This key color, name, and icon would match all signs in the Magnolia guestroom hallways.

6. Icons were developed as a visual representation of each section. Icons are located on the maps, Guest Guide, guestroom keys, and every sign throughout the property. The icons are as follows:

Cascades = waterfall

Garden Conservatory = arbor & vine

Magnolia = Magnolia blossom

Delta = paddlewheel boat

Convention Center = Parthenon

*The icon design and concept won an award in the Architecture Community this year.

7. Many of the meeting room names were eliminated, making it much easier for guests to locate their function. Most room names are now “obvious”. All ballroom sections are now lettered. Example:

• Tennessee A, Presidential B, Governor’s C, Delta D, etc.

• Everything on the Exhibit Hall level is named Ryman . . . Ryman Exhibit Hall A, Ryman Courtyard, Ryman Chamber, etc.

• All rooms in the Governor’s section are named Governor’s . . . Governor’s Ballroom A, Governor’s Chamber C, etc.

• All meeting rooms on the Delta Island are named “Delta Island” . . . Delta Island Boardroom, Delta Island A, etc.

Rooms that are not completely “obvious”, have an obvious theme. Examples would be that rooms on the Presidential Mezzanine are named for three U.S. Presidents…Lincoln, Jackson, and Washington. Those are the only names you have to remember from the entire Presidential section…everything else is named “Presidential”. We decided on those three President’s names because we thought that even if a guest were not familiar with U.S. Presidents they would recognize these names from U.S. currency.

8. Information kiosks were installed in 6 locations. These kiosks have overall maps of the property, as well as sectional maps with more detailed information about the section in which it is found. Each kiosk also has at least one touchscreen with information at your fingertips on topics such as our Retail outlets, Food & Beverage outlets, meeting rooms, guestrooms, etc. This information includes descriptions, operating hours, maps and directions from where you are to the location in which you want to go.

In addition to the 6 information kiosks, we also installed more than 20 directional maps to assist guests with directions. All of the maps are oriented properly and have a “you are here” symbol so guests instantly know where they are on the property. At the top of each of these directories is information letting the guest know which section and on what floor level they are located.

9. To assist guests in transitioning from different levels, we have installed escalators in two locations in the Delta and Convention Center sections. One location goes from the Ryman C Exhibit Hall to the Presidential Ballroom. The other location is on the bridge from the Delta Island to the Delta Ballroom Lobby B.

Another set of escalators has been installed in the opening between the Cascades and Garden Conservatory atriums, which makes this a direct shot through those two atriums and into the Magnolia section of the hotel. There is also a set of new elevators in this area.

A new “lift” is currently being installed in the Presidential Lobby section of the Convention Center to make the Presidential Portico completely accessible for our guests.

10. A new front entrance drive has opened that leads guests directly from the entrance off McGavock Pike to the Cascades Lobby of the property.

In addition to all of these fabulous features, we have also given the property many “face lifts”. The color schemes throughout the property are lighter and brighter than in years past. We have added many new lighting fixtures and have even increased the wattage of our light bulbs to ensure that our guests can see this beautiful “new” property.

The Cascades Lobby and Magnolia Lobby have both been completely renovated and the Cascades Lobby now includes a wonderful Churchill Coffee Company service bar. The Magnolia Lobby Portico has also been renovated to allow buses to pull under the covered Portico.

The exterior sign package is being implemented within the next 12 months. We will be tackling the signing of our hotel exterior with the same diligence and detail as we did with the interior sign package.

We are also in the design phase for a world class health spa that will ensure our guests are pampered and/or continue their regular workout routines while on property. In the meantime, we have opened an annex to our existing Fitness Center allowing us to accommodate more guests and a larger variety of equipment.

We have invested $80 million to ensure that our guest’s experience at our property is a wonderful one. You just have to see it all to believe it! We hope you will allow us the opportunity to show off all of our Wayfinding features. As one guest recently commented, “You’d have to be an idiot not be able to figure it out”. We think you’ll agree, after a visit.

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