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Deck the halls: Dress your home for the holidays with decorative light bulbs

Deck the halls: Dress your home for the holidays with decorative light bulbs

The holiday season is a time to gather with family and friends. Whether youíre hosting a holiday open house for fifty or an intimate family dinner, treat your guests to the best your home has to offer. Holidays mean dusting off our favorite festive treasures and adorning our homes from wall to wall. With all of the entertaining this time of year, most hosts know that the right lighting adds the perfect touch to a holiday home. In fact, a recent survey commissioned by GE Lighting found that 76 percent of people believe lighting helps set the mood for holiday entertaining.

According to Catherine Bailly Dunne, award-winning interior designer and author of Interior Designing for All Five Senses, there are some quick and easy ways to transform a home for the holidays. "Around the holidays there is a renewed focus on the home and making your surroundings as cozy and inviting as possible. I believe anyone can create a warm and wonderful home for the holidays; all you need is a little creativity."

Following are some of Catherine Bailly Dunneís favorite festive light and color tips to make your home more cheerful and comfortable this holiday season. Holiday Hints from Catherine Bailly Dunne

1. Create a Unique Theme: Bring a touch of whimsy to your holiday home decorations. Consider creating a fun theme throughout your home. Whether itís a favorite family activity such as skiing or golf or a design element such as plaid bows or stars and stripes, incorporate it into your holiday decor.

2. Spotlight Your Decor: The right lighting can bring out the beautiful colors in your holiday decorations and add a spirit of warmth to a home. People are attracted to areas that emit pleasing, inviting light. Achieving the ideal light can be as simple and affordable as switching your existing light bulbs. Replacing ordinary light bulbs with GE Reveal light bulbs will really make holiday colors such as greens, reds, blues and silvers pop; your treasures and seasonal accessories will appear more vibrant and rich. Better yet, this is a tip you will enjoy the benefits of year-round.

3. Offer Seasonal Tastes: When you decorate for the holidays, colorful food is a traditional way to signal the season. Fill a festive bowl with pomegranates or cranberries and place where least expected. An oversized basket filled with pinecones and limes outside your front door can welcome guests as surely as a wreath.

4. Form a Holiday Rainbow: For many of us, the holidays not only signal cheer and togetherness but also chilly weather and less light. For the "down" time of day at your house when the light begins to fade, brighten things up with colored glass bottles on windowsills. The light shining through blue, green or red bottles fills a room with glorious shades, and the bottles look decorative even when there is no sunlight.

5. Make Your Home Glisten: Silver objects and mirrors reflect light and bring shine to a room. For touches of holiday shimmer everywhere, fill silver bowls with colored ornaments or candy canes. Display holiday greeting cards and letters in sterling picture frames. To add luster to unexpected places, set holiday greenery and berries on a mirror and display under a favorite lamp to reflect the colors.

The holidays are most joyful with the right combination of color and light. Simple tips and convenient tools can make the process easy and enjoyable.

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