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New high-tech screw-based Led light bulb developed for the seasonal display industry

New high-tech screw-based Led light bulb developed for the seasonal display industry

The 75 year old de-facto leader of the commercial seasonal display industry, Carpenter Decorating Co. Inc., today publically released details on a revolutionary new decorative light bulb system destined to be seen in the very near future all over cities in the United States, Canada, and other countries.

This new and exciting display bulb technology will be used on Christmas trees, wreaths, pole mount decorations , and many other specialty seasonal commercial light displays Carpenter Decorating now produces and promises to propel the company into the next DECADE of decorative lighting applications.

The new patent-pending technology used in these next-generation solid-state light bulbs is based on ultra-bright LEDs and grain-of-sand sized color-changing microcircuits that use a fraction of the power of traditional incandescent bulbs, are practically indestructible in normal use, emit VERY LITTLE heat in operation, and can last up to 50,000 hours. The lighting system itself is even fundamentally shock-proof and operates at extremely low voltages for an even greater level of added safety.

Full sized C-7 type Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, White bulbs and an AMAZING new color RGB changing Christmas bulb that can produce millions of colors have been introduced for immediate release to the commercial seasonal display industry. The exciting new lighting technology, called ‘Intellashine’ by its creators, combines the very latest breakthroughs in high-brightness LEDs, optical lens technology , and subminiature integrated circuit manufacture into a product with abilities never before seen in the decorative display industry.

Owing to an 18 month crash development program initiated at the company, this new decorative display bulb system overcomes many of the limitations of previous industry efforts to replace incandescent lighting in holiday seasonal displays. Carpenter Decorating Co. Inc. has once again distanced itself from the competition by introducing heretofore unheard-of color changing and static color LED bulb technologies for use in commercial seasonal displays.

Since 1928, Carpenter Decorating has been the world's leader in commercial Christmas decorations and seasonal displays, thrilling millions of viewers nationally in cities, towns, parks, resorts and theme parks. We have spent over 70 years perfecting our product and no other lighting company in the industry can rival our selection, quality and durability.

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