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Having your car serviced and the car bulbs checked?

Having your car serviced and the car bulbs checked?

A recent survey, conducted by Leicestershire County Council's Trading Standards Service, has revealed that four out of five vehicles submitted for a major manufacturer's service to a selection of main franchised dealerships across the county were returned with items missed.

An independent expert inspected the vehicles immediately before and after the service - revealing that some general servicing items had been overlooked. Vehicles were returned with the same faults such as blown bulbs and deflated tyres. In other cases gearbox and power assisted steering oil levels remained unchecked. Investigations are continuing in relation to these garages and formal action has been taken in some instances.

The survey also revealed that in some cases the final bill contained additional charges for the service which conflicted with the "all in price" as initially quoted by the garage. Some invoices were confusing in layout. Paperwork did not appear to help the customer understand the bill in terms of the charges made for parts and labour. In other cases the documentation supplied did not provide enough detail to clearly indicate what work was done or what was included in a manufacturer's specification service.

Despite these disappointing results, the number of garages that did carry out a thorough service against the manufacturer's schedule was higher than the results of a similar national survey. The national survey found that only 5% of garages sampled offered the customer a 'very good' service. The equivalent figures in Leicestershire based on the garages sampled would be 12%.

Announcing the results, a spokesperson for Leicestershire County Council said: "Having your car serviced is a necessity for any car owner to ensure their vehicle is running safely and efficiently. It is disappointing that in a number of instances at different garages the cars were returned to the customers with faults remaining. Consumers are usually at the mercy of garages and they should not abuse the trust that consumers have placed in them by providing a poor standard of workmanship."

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