Specialty Light Bulbs
Innovative new specialty light bulbs bringing safety and peace-of-mind

Innovative new specialty light bulbs bringing safety and peace-of-mind

Whenever a power outage or emergency takes place, people often stumble while searching for a flashlight. Whether it's an earthquake in California, a hurricane in Florida, floods in Missouri or simply a power outage due to "less serious" causes, it's frightening to find oneself alone and unable to find one's way to safety.

Now consumers no longer need to "remain in the dark" thanks to an innovative new product, LITEFORCE, from SATCO Products, Inc. "My children used to be so afraid when we would have a power outage", said New York mom Alyse Ticker. "Now that we have LITEFORCE, the kids know they are never in the dark because they have a flashlight that is always available and accessible. We feel more secure have LITEFORCE and we know we are now properly equipped for emergency situations."

"We wanted to create a product that would be there for people when they needed it. Something that could potentially prevent injuries and possibly save lives," reports Brian Brandes, Vice President of Product Development for SATCO.

SATCO's LITEFORCE is a three-in-one, multipurpose emergency flashlight, night light and fluorescent under-the-counter light all in one. Perfect for hallways, kitchens, children's rooms, workshops and offices, LITEFORCE provides peace of mind in case of emergencies or power outages. Coupled with contemporary styling, the sleek fluorescent tube installs in seconds and bulb replacement is as easy as one, two, three. It has a rechargeable krypton flashlight that illuminates when a loss of power is detected. A built-in photocell switches the 7-watt night light on automatically, so that you are never in the dark and offers easy access to the flashlight which remains charged. A handy utility outlet for small appliances and an easy to use off/on rocker switch are all part of the product.

"This is a light that is helpful and essential because you always can locate a charged flashlight in any emergency situation," says Brandes, "Additionally, LITEFORCE is also attractive and useful for daily use."

A recent marketing survey showed that consumers welcomed this innovative new product that could help save lives and injuries in the event of power outages, earthquakes or other natural disasters. LITEFORCE is one product in the LITEFORCE line which also includes a two-in-one light, a standard fluorescent work light, and a mini version of LITEFORCE.

LITEFORCE can be used:

- in emergencies

- in many rooms

- in the event of a power outage, LITEFORCE comes on when power fails

- to keep areas lit

SATCO Products, Inc. was founded in 1966 and is a company based in Brentwood, New York, which offers a commitment to excellence. Besides Brentwood, New York, SATCO’s warehouses are strategically located in Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, and Seattle. With their network of distribution centers in these five key locations, SATCO can quickly provide one-stop shopping for the complete product lines and merchandising programs that are the key to lighting up the nation. SATCO Products produces a wide variety of items including decorative and specialty light bulbs, lamp parts, track lighting, lighting fixtures, portable lamps, security lighting and emergency safety lighting.

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