Discount Prices On Light Bulbs
Solar carport site offers links to discount prices on light bulbs

Solar carport site offers links to discount prices on light bulbs

A new 113-kilowatt photovoltaic system is now under construction in Riverside, California. Schott Applied Power Corporation is building a solar carport for the city that will generate power while providing shade for cars. See the Schott Applied Power press release.

A much larger solar power system may eventually be built in Massachusetts. Spire Corporation is helping the City of Brockton to assess the feasibility of building a solar power facility on an abandoned industrial site. The proposed site will cover 27 acres and generate 5 to 10 megawatts of power enough to power 3,000 homes. See the Spire press release.

Old industrial sites, usually contaminated with hazardous chemicals, are often referred to as brownfields. The Brockton project is one example of the concept of using solar energy to convert brownfields into what are being called "brightfields." See the Brightfields Web site on EREN.

Biodiesel Fuels Backup Power System at UC Riverside Riverside, California, is also the location of a unique backup power system using three 2-megawatt generators that are powered entirely by biodiesel fuel. Southern States Power Company, Inc. installed the system at the University of California, Riverside and is supplying the biodiesel fuel. The company also announced last month that the City of Claremont, California, is using a 20 percent blend of its biodiesel to fuel the city's sanitation vehicles.

FuelCell Energy Starts Up Fuel Cell/Microturbine System FuelCell Energy, Inc. announced last week that it has started operating one of its 250-kilowatt fuel cells in tandem with a 30-kilowatt microturbine from Capstone Turbine Corporation. The microturbine is driven by hot exhaust gas from the fuel cell usually the microturbines are driven by combustion of natural gas. DOE is funding the test of the combined system.

FuelCell Energy also announced last week that it has received a $1.25 million contract to install a 250-kilowatt fuel cell power plant at the University of Connecticut. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund is funding the installation, which will be completed in 2002.

Landfill Gas Powers 50 Microturbines in Los Angeles The Los Angeles Department of Power and Water (LADWP) announced last week the startup of a new facility that produces 1.5 megawatts of electricity from landfill gas. The facility uses methane emissions from the Lopez Canyon Landfill to power 50 Capstone microturbines, generating enough power for 1,500 homes. It adds to a six-megawatt landfill gas power plant that was already operating at the site. See the LADWP press release.

DOE Passes Energy-Efficient Light Project to Private Sector A DOE program to encourage the encourage the production and use of shorter, brighter, and more affordable compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) is now being turned over to the private sector. DOE announced on Monday that the so-called "sub-CFL" program, established by DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will now be handed off to the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, a nonprofit organization. CFLs use about a quarter of the energy used by standard incandescent bulbs, last up to 10 times longer, and generate much less heat.

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