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Add a bit of excitement to your bike with these unique little motorcycle light bulbs

Add a bit of excitement to your bike with these unique little motorcycle light bulbs

AutoGems are an inexpensive way to add a little more detail to your Harley.They are little lights that can be fastened on your license plate, handlebar ends, saddlebags, or anywhere else you'd like to light up. Better than mere reflectors, these little jewels also make your bike more visible since they tap right into the motorcycle's electrical system.

AutoGems can be wired virtually anywhere on your bike. All you need is a 12v switched power supply and a suitable ground. To run them at the end of your handlebars, drill a hole in the center of your grips. Lengthen the existing wires by soldering at least 24 inches of extra wire to the ends of each wire. Cover the soldered joint with shrink tubing or a high-quality electrical tape. This will help prevent an electrical short. Drill and deburr an exit hole in the center of your handlebars and attach one wire from each light to a suitable ground location. Remember, the wires are not polarity sensitive so just choose one to go to the hot wire, and one to the ground. It's that simple. To attach the AutoGems to your license plate, simply remove the plate-mounting hardware and reinstall the license plate with the wing nut provided with the AutoGem. You can also use a 1/4-20 hex nut and flat washer. Run one wire from each AutoGem to either the brake light hot wire,if you want them to come one with your brake lights, or to the running light hot wires to have them on continuously. The remaining two wires need to be wired to a suitable ground location.

These replicas of the 1950's license plate reflectors are currently available in red, amber and green. Blue and Purple will be added soon. The AutoGems utilize real glass lenses, stainless steel bezels, and to make them really stand out, 12 volt bulbs to light 'em up. They only draw .065 amps so you won't have to worry about putting an excess strain on your charging system. Find them through your local motorcyle dealer, at trade shows, races, or swap meets, or contact the company directly. AIM

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