Edison Light Bulb
Edison light bulb on list of Idea Starters hot sheet

Edison light bulb on list of Idea Starters hot sheet

"Timing is everything," says Guy LeSage, a Silicon Valley marketing and technical writer since 1975.

In fact, "T-I-E," as LeSage calls it for short, is the secret to reading and using his new daily(and copyrighted) web column, Idea Starters Hot Sheet (TM), Your Time-It-Write (TM) Sales Calendar (SM): logon to either www.Idea-Starters-Hot-Sheet.com or www.LeSage.com.

"When you must develop concepts or sales hooks in advance," LeSage says, "Idea Starters Hot Sheet gives you creative sparks--important events, births and ideas--to ignite your imagination. Every day’s Hot Sheet of events—listed by year—helps you 'Time-It-Write' with projects for your creative and sales calendars."

Because he strongly believes "Today’s preparation is tomorrow’s payday," LeSage says each daily edition of Idea Starters... presents items in advance-calendar sequences:

* One week ahead for right-now items

* 14 weeks--three months--for short-term proposals

* 27 weeks--six months--for mid-range plans, and

* 40 weeks--nine months--for longer projects.

To help his readers discover how Idea Starters can help them for their creative or sales purposes, he offers them a link to the LeSage.com-hosted area entitled, "Your Idea-Person Resource Center (TM)."

"If there's any way that your Idea Starters-ignited creativity can be legimately or tastefully explored," LeSage points out,"it's either in or will eventually be listed in 'Your Idea-Person Resource Center.'"

By special arrangement, Guy LeSage has granted this [name of this publication/ station/ ezine/web site/whatever], a one-time-only right to publish the copyrighted first installment of his daily web column, "Your Idea Starters for today...Sunday, January 20, 2002."

Interestingly enough, in that first installment, LeSage writes about Thomas Alva Edison's patent on the incandescent lamp, "the light bulb that has long since symbolized ingenuity and innovation."

For each installment after the one reprinted herein, you'll have to logon to either www.Idea-Starters-Hot-Sheet.com or www.LeSage.com.

(c) 2002. Guy LeSage of Santa Clara, CA, USA. All rights reserved worldwide.

Reprinted by permission. Further reproduction prohibited.

"Your Idea Starters for today...Sunday, January 20, 2002."

**01-WEEK advance calendar for SUN 01/27/2002:

--1756 One of history's greatest composers, Wolfgang Mozart, was born in Salzburg, Austria. --1870 Kappa Alpha Theta, the first U.S. college sorority, was founded at what is now DePauw Univ., Greencastle, IN. --1880 American inventor Thomas Alva Edison patented his incandescent lamp, the light bulb that has long since symbolized ingenuity and innovation.

**14-WEEK advance calendar for SUN 04/28/2002:

--1788 One of the original 13 colonies, Maryland ratified the U.S. Constitution, becoming America's seventh state. --1855 America's first school of animal medicine, Boston Veterinary Institute, was incorporated in Boston, MA. --1939 Cincinnati, OH, manufacturer, Crosley Corp., offers miniature car in two models: a $325.00 coupe and a $350.00 sedan.

**27-WEEK advance calendar for SUN 07/28/2002:

--1862 Railroad post office began operations on the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Line in Missouri. --1868 Congress ratifies the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment, which extends citizenship to those born or naturalized in the U.S. --1898 Miami, FL, became an incorporated city. --1933 Western Union Telegraph Company began a singing-telegram service.

**40-WEEK advance calendar for SUN 10/27/2002:

--1811 Issac Singer, inventor of the sewing machine, was born in Pittstown, NY. --1858 A Rough Rider and the 26th U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York, NY. --1904 A nickel got you a ride on the new Interborough Rapid Transit subway in New York City. --1938 Female fashion got a new wardrobe item with DuPont Company's introduction of nylon hosiery.

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