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CPSC, retailers announce recall of curtain-style holiday lights with miniature light bulbs

CPSC, retailers announce recall of curtain-style holiday lights with miniature light bulbs

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), retailers nationwide are recalling more than 1.5 million sets of curtain-style, indoor/outdoor holiday lights. The electrical wiring can pull out from the splices of these decorative light sets, exposing live wires and presenting an electrocution hazard.

CPSC is not aware of any injuries involving these lights. This recall is being issued to prevent the possibility of injury.

The recalled curtain-style strings of lights are different from other decorative holiday lights because they use a horizontal electrical wire and have vertical strings of four to seven lights that hang down to give an icicle effect when hung on a roof's edge or a tree. These lights have a "splicing connector" located at the point where the string of lights hang down from the horizontal electrical wire. The splicing connector can pull apart or break exposing a metal wire, causing the electrical shock.

To see if you have these indoor/outdoor lights, check for the names "Curtain," "Icicle" and "Wonder Lights." These miniature lights come in strings of clear bulbs and multicolored bulbs, and have either white or green wires. They were sold in strings of 100 or 150 lights in boxes containing one string, and sets of three or more strings.

According to Underwriters Laboratories (UL), unauthorized holographic UL labels, located on each string near the plug, with the following numbers identify the lights being recalled:

E115759 E126258 E127357 E127522

E48723 E64444 E65770 E97593

Curtain-style lights without splice connectors are not involved in this recall.

The lights are packaged in cardboard display boxes, some with a cellophane window to view the product, and are labeled in part, "Made in China." Many of the boxes feature a decorated home at night with the holiday lights on.

Retail stores, including BJ's Wholesale, Builders Square, CVS Pharmacy, Caldor, Frank's Nursery & Crafts, Hechinger, Hobby Lobby, Home Quarters, M J Designs, Montgomery Ward, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Sam's Club, Shopko, Venture, Walgreens and Wal-Mart sold the lights nationwide from September 1995 to November 1997 for between $6 and $19, depending on the size of the sets purchased.

Consumers should stop using these light sets immediately and return them to the store where purchased for a refund. For additional light bulb news; led christmas lights, or to choose from a variety of related products, please select the link above.

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