Chromalux Bulbs
Presenting the features of chromalux bulbs and the Chromalux MR16 White Beam™

Presenting the features of chromalux bulbs and the Chromalux MR16 White Beam™

* Pure Vivid Colors

* Titanium Coated Reflector

* 5000 Hours Average Life

* No UV Emission

* Practically No Heat

* 20 and 38 Degree Beam


Chromalux® MR16 White Beam™ represents Lumiram's newest addition to it's already extensive full spectrum bulb line. Based on a propietary technology, and like the Chromalux® incandescent lamp, the MR16 White Beam™ is made with pure Neodymium glass which is designed to cut down much of the yellow emission of the light spectrum, resulting in brighter, more vibrant colors, closely mimiking Natural Daylight. With a color temperature of approximately 4200ºK, the appearance and quality of the new Chromalux® Halogen White Beam™ is far whiter and more comfortable than standard MR16 lamps. Chromalux® White Beam™ is also much more gentle and less straining to the eyes than common incandescent or halogen lamps. It increases black and white contrasts, improves readability, allowing optimum visual comfort while reading.


Chromalux® MR16 White Beam™ is equipped with a titanium coated reflector for longer Lumen and color performance and has been designed to perform an average of 5000 hours with practicly no heat and no UV emission. Available in 20 and 38 beam spreads.

Recommended usage of Chromalux® MR16 White Beam™: Chromalux® MR16 White Beam™ lamps represent the ideal choice for todays home or office illumination, to create a pleasing color balanced environment that mimics true Natural Daylight. A must for lighting applications that require accurate color appearance and critical color evaluation such as Art Galleries, Museums, Department Stores, Dental and Medical Labs. Highly recommended for Jewelry display lighting.

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