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Philips VisionPlus high performance car h4 bulbs lamps brings everybody home safely

Philips VisionPlus high performance car h4 bulbs lamps brings everybody home safely

Active Safety

Your car probably has an airbag and ABS fitted to it? But does it have safe lighting? How many times have you been driving along a poorly lit road, maybe having just picked up the children from evening activities, and wished that you could have seen obstacles in the road earlier?

Safety has become an increasingly important issue for car owners and carmakers have responded by installing a range of passive safety measures such as ABS and Airbags. Yet all of these expensive technical innovations only work reactively to surface under extreme conditions. In every-day life they do not represent a noticeable improvement for the driver. You may feel relieved to have an airbag but it will not reduce your chances of having an accident.

Wouldn't it be better to avoid such extreme circumstances in the first place? Better light produces quite a different situation. Statistics show that 60% of all traffic accidents take place in the hours of darkness or during periods of reduced visibility, such as in bad weather.

Better lighting acts as soon as it is switched on and allows systems such as ABS to be more effective by increasing the "safety distance". Better lighting does not have to be installed by the carmaker at origin; the driver is able to improve his own safety by simply upgrading his lighting with little effort and expense. The improved lighting will take effect immediately to provide safety everyday. If you feel safer you will be more relaxed and driving will become a more pleasant experience.

It is without doubt that better vehicle lighting delivers a proactive contribution to road safety and can be a major factor in saving lives and getting everybody home safely.

The VisionPlus range from Philips

Philips Automotive Lighting is the leader in the field of innovative lighting solutions and has once again invested heavily to develop a new range of high performance car lamps.

VisionPlus bulbs can be installed in place of your existing headlight bulbs for half the price of a full tank of fuel! They draw upon the very latest developments in halogen technology to provide: -

- Up to 50% more light on the road

-10-20 metre longer beam

-Better reflections from roads and signs

It is the combination of these three aspects that makes VisionPlus the ultimate upgrade for your safety and comfort.

-More light

The total amount of light that a car bulb can produce is governed on European roads by ECE Regulation 37, which is why Rally bulbs must only be used for competition purposes on closed circuits.

However, because Philips Automotive Lighting monitors and controls its production processes so precisely the upper limits of the regulations can be reached, but not exceeded, in VisionPlus. When comparing the level of illumination that a VisionPlus produces against that of a standard bulb we see that VisionPlus places up to 50% more light on the road.

Both the H4 and H7 VisionPlus are fully compliant with ECE Regulation 37.

Longer Beam

To be able to see obstacles in the road earlier at night you need to be able to see further in front of the car. The VisionPlus range not only produces more light on the road but also an extended range of view. Depending upon the type of headlamp in the car the VisionPlus range offers up to 20 metres extra view. 20 metres is roughly five car lengths extra and could make all the difference when extreme circumstances are encountered on the road at night.

Better Reflection

The unique blue ring on the H4 VisionPlus optimises the colour temperature of the light making it whiter. This new Philips invention* is not required on the H7 VisionPlus because of the different bulb construction.

Various studies have shown that whiter light not only stimulates concentration but also reflects better from road surfaces and street signs. This leads the driver to feel more confident about driving in low visibility conditions and thus improves safety.

* Patent pending

Philips quality in the aftermarket

All bulbs sold under the Philips brand are manufactured to the same high quality standards as demanded by the world's leading car manufacturers. Our car maker quality ensures the safety and comfort of both the driver and other road users offering unrivalled value for money. The VisionPlus range of high performance car lamps are made from UV-block quartz which means they can be used in all kinds of headlights, even the modern plastic types. The Philips brand is your guarantee that the VisionPlus range is the best you can buy.

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