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Light up winter roads better with new blue headlight bulbs

Light up winter roads better with new blue headlight bulbs

See better in the dark or in poor driving conditions this winter and be safer on the roads with new replacement vehicle light bulbs from NARVA that improve night vision by up to 50%.

Avoid the problem of “out-driving” your headlight beams on the open road by upgrading to the new NARVA Plus 50 bulb – the ultimate high performance globe for long distance night driving.

Filled with Xenon gas, the Plus 50 globe can last up to 65% longer than ordinary high watt bulbs.

They are made to replace the standard 60/55W halogen globe fitted to most car headlights and they make a real difference to night vision on unlit roads.

The NARVA Plus 50 delivers 50% more light on low beam and 20% more light when on high beam. The high beam light also extends for a further 20metres over the standard globe, providing the driver with improved long distance vision.

“Switching to a better globe, like the NARVA Plus 50, is one of the best things you can do to make driving safer at night,” says Don Tennet, of NARVA New Zealand.

“The better you can see at night, the easier it is to make safe driving decisions.”

The Plus 50 globes utilise the latest technology to increase the brightness and length of the beam. The extra output is achieved with a tighter wound filament that is brighter and more precisely focused.

NARVA, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle lighting, says the new Plus 50 globe is also approved for use with the polycarbonate lenses fitted to many modern vehicles.

Fog can also be a major issue for drivers in many parts of New Zealand in the winter and NARVA has introduced a range of All Weather globes that reduce glare in such conditions. Vehicle lights tend to reflect back from the tiny water droplets suspended in fog and mist – a problem that is amplified if the light is very white. But the NARVA All Weather globes produce a subtle yellow bias that reduces reflection. These globes also work well in snow, sleet and heavy rain.

Lastly, if you want you headlights to have that European look, switch to the new Arctic Blue halogen globes from NARVA. They produce a much whiter light than normal headlights because they operate at a higher temperature.

The light produced by the Arctic Blue globe has a distinctive ‘ice blue’ appearance to oncoming traffic, similar to those used by prestige European vehicles. The light reflects better on street signage and road markings, contributing to safe night driving around city streets.

The new range of NARVA globes are available from all good automotive accessory outlets and selected service stations throughout New Zealand.

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