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Change a light to flourescent light bulbs and make a difference

Change a light to flourescent light bulbs and make a difference

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is challenging Americans to change a light in their homes to illustrate the impact of a consumer's energy choice and the benefits of using energy-efficient light bulbs and fixtures. Choosing a more energy-efficient lamp can save money and help the environment.

"Change starts with simple everyday actions," said EPA Administrator Christie Whitman. "Energy Star puts the power of change in the hands of all Americans. If everyone across the country changed just one room in their home to Energy Star lighting, we could keep one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air."

From October through December, EPA is partnering with more than 140 manufacturers, retailers, state governments and utilities throughout the United States to make finding and buying energy efficient lighting easier. Local, regional and national promotions include special offers and rebates from major retail chains and regional utility companies to help consumers save on compact fluorescent light bulbs, fixtures and ceiling fans with lighting. Nation-wide promotions and in-store lighting workshops will be held through a national home improvement chain. Local events where customers can exchange older technology halogen floor lamps for discounts on more energy-efficient ones will also take place.

A typical household spends about $90 a year, or 10 percent, of its annual electricity bill on lighting. Energy Star labeled light bulbs, fixtures and ceiling fans with lighting help the environment and benefit consumers with greater energy savings and fewer bulb changes. Only 10 percent of a standard bulb's energy is converted into visible light, while the other 90 percent is wasted as heat. By comparison, today's compact flourescent light only wastes 30 percent of its' energy as heat. There are more than 40 types of Energy Star qualified bulbs which last at least 6000 hours while using 75 percent less energy without sacrificing quality.

Energy Star is a voluntary program managed by EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy. The Energy Star label allows consumers to easily identify energy-efficient appliances, electronics, office equipment, lighting, heating and cooling equipment, buildings and homes.

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