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Citizens who take a stand on could see hybrid gas-electric car and light bulbs work as prizes

Citizens who take a stand on could see hybrid gas-electric car and light bulbs work as prizes

Working Assets, a telecommunications company that promotes activism for progressive causes, will launch the first-ever Global Warming Sweepstakes on July 9 to protest the Bush administration's policies on energy and the environment.

Visitors to will gain a chance to win one of more than 500 prizes when they e-mail the Bush administration, its corporate allies and the U.S. Senate, demanding that the decision-makers take steps to preserve our environment. The grand prizewinner of the sweepstakes will win a Honda Insight®, a hybrid gasoline-electric car. Other prizes include three Novara bicycles from REI and 500 compact fluorescent light bulbs from

"The Bush administration's current energy plan will accelerate global warming and damage the environment. We all need to work together to stop the bad guys - Bush and his allies in the fossil fuels and car industries," said Michael Kieschnick, president of Working Assets. "We also need to take individual responsibility, by using energy-efficient cars and light bulbs as well as riding bikes or taking public transportation. The prizes of this sweepstakes fit right into that plan."

Eligible participants will be entered in the sweepstakes when they use to e-mail their senators to urge them to prevent drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; e-mail President Bush to insist that he implement the Kyoto Protocol on global warming; or e-mail the Ford Motor Company to demand that they develop and broadly market a hybrid passenger vehicle.

People will also be entered in the sweepstakes if they use to send e-mails about the sweepstakes and activism opportunities to 10 other individuals, creating a powerful grassroots movement of like-minded people dedicated to saving the environment. The full official rules of the sweepstakes can be found at

Sponsored by Working Assets, allows individuals to speak out on urgent environmental and social issues. The Web site provides direct links, free of charge, to the decision-makers who can make a difference. The site also has up-to-date news about the Bush administration's environmental policies and tips on energy conservation.

Working Assets is a long-distance, credit card and online services company that donates a portion of its revenue to progressive nonprofits. Through Working Assets, anyone with Internet access can speak out on urgent issues, read informative news and columns or make a donation to progressive causes. Recently, Working Assets' network of activists generated more than 132,000 e-mails, faxes and phone calls urging the Bush administration to prevent drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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