The First Light Bulb
The first light bulb of the GE lighting campaign sheds new light on home interiors

The first light bulb of the GE lighting campaign sheds new light on home interiors

GE Lighting today announced an unprecedented advertising campaign for the launch of its GE Reveal™ line of light bulbs. GE Lighting expects Reveal bulbs to transform the category, much the same way GE Soft White did 20 years ago. The first 30-second Reveal commercials will begin airing on network and cable television Monday, Oct. 1.

The Reveal light bulb line was developed after six years of research involving more than 4,000 test consumers. “The product tested so well with consumers that we have invested at all the right levels to promote the line,” said Ken Damato, GE Lighting’s General Manager, Consumer Marketing. “In fact, the Reveal campaign marks the largest of its kind in GE Lighting history.”

According to test consumers, Reveal bulbs improved the quality of light in their homes by providing crisper, cleaner lighting that was pure and true. Light from Reveal bulbs made objects appear richer in color, more vivid and less yellow.

Created by BBDO New York, the ads will consist of 15- and 30-second television spots to air during prime time and daytime on NBC, ABC, CBS and cable stations HGTV, ESPN, TLC and the Discovery Channel. There will also be a 60-second radio spot, and print ads in magazines such as House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, People and Food and Wine.

According to Al Merrin, Vice Chairman and Executive Creative Director at BBDO New York, “The campaign is designed to bring to life the simple idea that ‘there’s nothing more beautiful than clean, pure light.’ Accordingly, the centerpiece of the campaign is a visual demonstration of the benefits of the bulb. The result speaks for itself.”

“We chose creative for the campaign that focuses on the noticeable effects of Reveal bulbs in the home environment,” said Cynthia Galbincea, GE Lighting’s Manager of Brand Development. “Using this product, consumers can achieve lighting that enhances the colors in their home, and essentially provides an instant room makeover at a fraction of the cost of redecorating.”

GE’s Integrated Reveal Bulb Marketing Campaign

In addition to advertising, a fully integrated consumer marketing campaign including account specific and Web-based promotions and a public relations effort will support the launch. The national GE Reveal Truly Amazing Makeover Sweepstakes retail promotion offers consumers the chance to win prizes related to makeovers for the home by calling a toll free number or visiting and entering the sweepstakes. GE Lighting is working with the American Society of Interior Designers to award the prizes. The sweepstakes will run from Oct. 1, 2001 through Feb. 28, 2002.

Reveal bulbs will be available to consumers beginning in October in home centers, hardware stores, supermarkets, drug stores and lighting centers. At that time GE will also unveil a totally new packaging design for all its lighting products, beginning with the Reveal line. In total, 22 product types will make up the Reveal line, including four-packs of 40-, 60-, 75- and 100-watt light bulbs, three-way, flood lights, vanity globes and candelabra lights.

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