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GE Reveal™ represents largest light bulb launch in the history of the light bulb

GE Reveal™ represents largest light bulb launch in the history of the light bulb

Today, industry leader GE Lighting announced the introduction of GE Reveal™, "the bulb that uncovers pure, true light™," to be rolled out this fall. GE Lighting is launching the Reveal light bulb line in response to consistent feedback from consumer research – involving more than 4,000 test consumers. According to test consumers Reveal bulbs improved the quality of light in their homes by providing crisper, cleaner lighting that was pure and true. Light from Reveal bulbs made objects appear richer in color and more vivid…less yellow.

"How dramatic is the difference? Reveal bulbs will allow people to see their worlds in a whole new light," said Matt Espe, President and CEO, GE Lighting. "When 85 percent of trial users said that they prefer the light from this bulb over ordinary bulbs in a variety of home applications, we listened. GE’s focus on the Reveal product line after six years of consumer research and feedback clearly demonstrates GE’s continuing commitment to the product leadership that began over 100 years ago when Thomas Edison founded our company," he added.

The Technology – Neodymium

The quality of the Reveal light is achieved by adding the natural earth element, Neodymium, to the glass. It’s what gives GE Reveal bulbs their distinctive powder-blue color when unlit. When lit, the element provides a pure, true light by filtering out much of the dulling yellow cast common from ordinary light bulbs.

Users indicated that the light from Reveal bulbs makes colors and home environments richer and more textured, and that it makes task-related details appear crisper…more highly defined. In fact, a number of test users described the light as a "100 percent improvement" over the light from ordinary bulbs.

"Typically, this technology is relatively expensive. But GE’s investment in research and manufacturing enabled us to bring consumers a higher-quality bulb with higher-quality light that is also truly affordable," said Martin Kolb, Global Product Manager-Incandescent, GE Lighting. GE will produce the Reveal bulb at its St. Louis, MO plant and other facilities.

"Redecorating" with Color-Enhancing GE Reveal Bulbs

"It’s amazing the thousands of dollars people will spend to improve the lighting in their homes…from enlarging windows to tearing out walls," said Mary Beth Gotti, Manager of GE’s Lighting Institute. "They seek ways to make every part of their homes more inviting, more comfortable. Thousands of trial-users found that the high quality light of Reveal bulbs offer a simple, affordable and immediate way to make their decor, hobbies and tasks more enjoyable."

By simply replacing ordinary incandescents with GE Reveal bulbs, many people will be able to see the truer colors of fabrics, upholstery, walls, artwork and clothing in their homes. Interiors appear so noticeably improved with Reveal lighting, it’s like an "instant room makeover" at a fraction of the cost of redecorating.

Tasks Easier, Too

Extensive consumer research involving more than 4,000 people showed that people favor GE Reveal bulbs for ambient light, citing the "crisper" nature of Reveal light – which also makes it ideal for task lighting. This can be attributed to the fact that it filters out yellows, increasing contrast and making objects appear more vibrant and better defined. As a result, GE Reveal bulbs can make common household activities, detail work and hobbies even more enjoyable.

A Bulb For Everyone

GE’s Reveal bulbs will initially be available at home centers, mass merchandisers, hardware stores, supermarkets and drugstores in the U.S. and Canada this fall with 22 different light bulb types, including four-packs of 40-, 60-, 75- and 100-watt light bulbs. Reveal bulbs will also be available in three-way, flood lights, vanity globes and candelabra lights, among other styles. With a retail price range of $2.99 to $3.99 for a four-pack, Reveal bulbs are priced so that all consumers can enjoy their many benefits.

Marketing Leadership

With its strong U.S. market leadership and distribution, GE clearly continues to make America’s favorite light bulbs. The introduction of GE Reveal is the largest product launch in GE Lighting’s history…surpassing the introduction of its industry-standard Soft White bulbs nearly two decades ago.

A fully-integrated consumer marketing campaign, including TV, print and radio advertising, as well as retail, web-based and public relations campaigns, will support the launch as Reveal bulbs appear this fall in stores throughout North America. GE will also be unveiling a totally new packaging design for all its lighting products, beginning with the Reveal line.

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