Sylvania Bulbs offers a myriad of Sylvania bulbs on unique user-friendly site offers a myriad of Sylvania bulbs on unique user-friendly site

On the 153rd Anniversary of the birth of Thomas Edison, the ultimate source for specialty light bulbs on the Internet, goes live.

"The launch of on February 11th is not by chance," said Phil Bonello, President and Chief Executive Officer of "Thomas Edison gave the world the modern light bulb, and now brings those bulbs to the World Wide Web."

In 1879, Edison invented the first commercially practical incandescent electric light bulb. After spending nearly $40,000 - that's over $143 million in today's dollars - he made a model light bulb out of carbonized bamboo. After refinement, the Edison light bulb went on to light Lower Manhattan and eventually the world.

"Edison's first bamboo light bulb was an extraordinary invention and is one of the few bulbs you won't find on," said Bonello. "Edison's 1879 discovery had the same impact on his world as the Internet has on ours today." provides a fast, convenient alternative to finding and purchasing hard-to-find light bulbs. With an inventory of more than 5,000 different light bulbs, customers are sure to find that special bulb they need.

Formerly known by their corporate name Gray Supply Company, has recently completed its transition from a conventional specialty lighting supplier to become one of the largest and fastest-growing online suppliers of light bulbs and related lighting products. is committed to carrying the products customers need and is willing to add new products to inventory that will help meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

With over 70 years of experience and a huge inventory, is one of the largest multi-channel distributors of hard-to-find replacement light bulbs for the medical, educational, commercial, photographic, emergency vehicle and consumer markets. In addition to servicing lighting needs, provides a fast and convenient way for business-to-business customers and consumers to find the right product for their application.

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