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NC maintains national stature in filmmaking spending even producing pictures of lightbulbs

NC maintains national stature in filmmaking spending even producing pictures of lightbulbs

A new state Department of Commerce report shows movie and television producers spent an estimated $250.1 million in North Carolina in 2000, more than enough to maintain the state's position as the third-ranking filmmaking state in the nation.

"These figures are especially encouraging when you consider the competition we're getting from Canada, where government subsidies and the rate of exchange give filmmakers significantly reduced costs," said Commerce Secretary Jim Fain. "An increased level of activity here helped keep us ahead of most other states, and we'll keep working to maintain that edge."

North Carolina hosted 81 major productions, including 19 feature films, 56 television-series episodes, and six made-for-television films in 2000, compared to 65 the previous year. Substantial commercial-advertising production also took place, and production-related jobs for North Carolinians increased to 31,000, up from 26,000 in 1999.

"During difficult budget times, it's especially important that we maintain our competitive edge with industries that are good corporate citizens in North Carolina," said Gov. Mike Easley. "We welcome the continuing investment of the film industry here and will do our part to maintain the relationship we have worked hard to build."

While the report showed a drop of about $50 million from 1999 figures in direct spending on filmmaking in North Carolina, Fain said the outlook for 2001 is very positive. Near-record levels of film activity have taken place this year in consideration of accelerated production schedules brought on by the threat of labor disputes involving both the Writers Guild and the Screen Actors Guild.

Among the productions carried out in North Carolina during 2000 were "Hannibal," with Sir Anthony Hopkins in Asheville; "The Black Knight" with Martin Lawrence, "Domestic Disturbance" with John Travolta and the TV series 'Dawson's Creek' in Wilmington; and Spike Lee's "The Original Kings of Comedy" in Charlotte.

More than 600 movies, six network-TV series, and thousands of national commercials have been shot here since 1980, when the State Film Commission was established at the Department of Commerce. The productions have brought more than $5 billion and more than 100,000 jobs to North Carolina on an investment of slightly more than $5 million by the department. "That's a return on investment that's very difficult to match in state government," Fain said.

Spending on feature films accounted for an estimated $30 million of the statewide total for 2000, while TV production accounted for almost $25 million. Commercials, documentaries, corporate, industrial, and other production spending was placed at more than $195 million. North Carolina has stood as the third-ranking filmmaking state in the nation throughout most of the past 15 years, behind California and New York, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Features include: "Angel Doll" (Angel Doll Productions); "Summer Catch" (Warner Bros); "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" (Altar Ego Productions); "Black Knight" (20th Century Fox); "Domestic Disturbance" (Paramount); "The Original Kings of Comedy" (40 Acres & A Mule Productions); "Juwanna Man" (Warner Bros/Morgan Creek); "Hannibal" (MGM/Universal); "Digital Dogs" (Digital Dogs Productions); "Briar Patch" (Down Home Entertainment); "Not For The Moment" (Ziphan Pix); "Abductees Anonymous" (Abductees Anonymous Productions); "The Violin" (Turning Point Productions); "Mule Love" (Let's Eat Pictures,LLC.); "Scapegoat" (Scapegoat Productions); "Civil Brand" (Civil Brand Productions); "Ball of Wax" (BW Productions); "Another Such Victory" (Northern Lights Productions); "Sun's Last Days" (Ujamma Digital Works). TOTAL 19 FEATURES.

Television Movies-of-the-Week and Episodes include: "Runaway" (McGee Productions for Hallmark Hall of Fame); "Amy and Isabelle" (Harpo Productions); "The Last Brickmaker" (Nasser Productions for Hallmark Hall of Fame); "Late One Night" (Christiano Films); "Christy" (PAX Network, second unit); "Down Home Christmas" (Inspiration Network); "Wanna Be A VJ?" (MTV); "Fear" (MTV); "Dawson's Creek" (Granville Productions for Warner Bros Network), 23 episodes; "Hospital" (Discovery Channel), 13 episodes; "Cell Block F" (Court TV), 6 episodes; "The Rae Carruth Trial" (Court TV), 12 episodes. TOTAL 6 MOW's, 56 TV EPISODES.


Charlotte recorded three features ("Juwanna Mann"; "The Original Kings of Comedy", and "Digital Dogs"), one TV Movie, "The Last Brickmaker", and 13 TV episodes (MTV's " Wanna Be a VJ?"; l2 Court TV series episodes), as well as more than 60 major commercials and considerable sports production, film support, and post-production activity in 2000. Estimated revenues showed $9 million from features, $2 million from TV movies and series episodes, and $125 million from commercials and other production activity. Regional total direct revenues from production: $136,000,000.

Commercials and other projects: Miller Lite, International Paper, International Harvester, Sun Comm Cellular, FX Network, Exide Batteries, Coke, Visa, Weather Channel, Chef Boyardee, Block Drug, WNBA, NBA, NASCAR, Whataburger, Food Lion, Kings Down Mattresses, UPS, Havoline Motor Oil, Dodge, Ford, Cadillac, US Magazine, Budweiser, Block Drug, Viagra, TNN, Home Shopping Network, and Shutter National Trucking.

Wilmington reported six features ("The Angel Doll;""The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys;" "Summer Catch;" "Ball of Wax;" "The Black Knight" and "Domestic Disturbance"), 23 episodes of TV series "Dawson's Creek", the MTV episode "Fear", two TV MOW's ("Amy and Isabelle " and "The Runaway"), plus considerable revenues from commercials and crew and equipment working elsewhere but delivering funds to the community. Estimated totals showed $18,600,000 in direct revenues from feature films, $22,500,000 from TV MOW's and series episodes, and $24,900,000 from commercials and other production-related activity. Regional total direct revenues from production: $66,000,000.

Commercials and other projects: SunCom; Rowan Regional Medical Center; FMC; Crest White Strips; Fixadent; J. Crew; Southern Living Presents; Praise Network; First Union; Thedacare; Smithfield Farms; Personal; Lutheran Hospital; Targone; Mattel; BC Powder; Nike; Harley Dealership; Bristol Meyers Squibb; Weather Channel; Liberty Mutual; Dean Health Systems; Inspiration Channel; Outdoor Channel; Insight Commercial; NY Ballet

The Piedmont Triad Region reported nine features ("Briar Patch"; "Not For The Moment"; "The Violin"; "Ball of Wax"; "Another Such Victory"; "Mule Love"; "Scapegoat"; "Abductees Anonymous"; "Civil Brand"), six episodes of the TV series "Cell Block F", and TV segments for "Inside Edition"; "The Late Show with David Letterman"; "ESPN Backstage"; "Lady in the Lake"; MTV's "Rock the Vote"; "Larry King Live" and heavy commercial, industrial, and documentary production and support. Estimated totals showed $l,434,016 in direct revenues from features, $216,000 from TV episodes and specials, and $27,527,905 from commercials and all other production. Regional total direct revenues from production: $29,177,921.

Commercials and other projects: Bassolt Furniture; Rhodes Furniture; Carolina Ford Dealers; Cochrane Furniture; Lexington State Bank; High Point Regional Hospital; WTZR; INSP Promo; Goodys; Hamburger Helper; Cadillac; Mary Kay; Sylvania Light Bulbs; North State Telephone; Ingersoll-Rand; Wrap-It; Wal-Mart; Kelloggs; Panasonic

The Triangle Region reported one feature ("Sun's Last Days"), 13 episodes of the Discovery Channel's series "Hospital", and considerable commercial, industrial, corporate and sports coverage production in 2000. Estimated totals showed $7,000 in feature revenues, $60,000 in TV episodes and special segments, and $16,033,000 in commercials and all other production. Regional total direct revenues from production: $16,100,000.

Commercials and other projects: Marion Jones /NBC Olympics spots; ESPN ACC promos; Nike; Panasonic - Japan with Marion Jones; SAS national spots; Nortel; Volvo; BB&T; Quintiles

The Western North Carolina Region reported one feature ("Hannibal"), three TV movies ("Christy"; "Late One Night" and "Down Home Christmas"), as well as part of a fourth ("Amy and Isabelle"), and considerable additional television, documentary, and commercial production . Estimated totals showed $1,076,000 in feature revenues, $67,000 in TV production, and $236,000 in commercial and other production. Regional total direct revenues from production: $ 1,379,500.

Commercials and other projects: Wrangler; Timber Creek Khakis; UPS; Harrah's Casino; GSMR Documentary; Chrysler; EarthGrains Bakeries; Volvo Trucks; Poland Springs Water; Nautica Jeans; Freddie Mac; TSI Sportswear

The Northeastern North Carolina Region and Global TransPark Region, respectively, reported an estimated $l,000,000 and $500,000 in production revenues for the Year 2000, attributed primarily to local television commercial production.

The above regional production information has been provided by North Carolina regional film commissions where applicable and by the State Film Commission for those regions not represented by film commissions. Adjustments have been made in statewide spending and production in instances where regions have shared projects, to avoid double counting of revenues and projects.

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