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Makers of Phillips bulbs offer free energy savings advice for local businesses

Makers of Phillips bulbs offer free energy savings advice for local businesses

Businesses in Croydon are being given the opportunity to save money and help protect the environment, through a free audit service designed to reduce bills and increase energy efficiency.

Croydon Energy Pioneers enables businesses which have energy bills of more then 5,000 to receive a free visit by trained auditors. They will discuss how and when energy is used and identifying where savings can be made and what grants may be available to carry out any measures required. A report recommending appropriate measures, their cost and potential savings is given to participating businesses for free.

Many organisations see energy as a fixed operating cost. However, cutting down on wasteful energy consumption can control how much a company pays for its energy. The business benefits of lower energy consumption are clear - lower energy costs, immediate savings and improved competitiveness. Companies that manage their energy consumption effectively are also less vulnerable when energy prices rise and the less energy used, the lower the level of carbon dioxide emissions caused which is good in the battle against climate change.

Companies that have benefited from Croydon Energy Pioneers include restaurants, offices and pubs. At The Thomas Farley public house in Thornton Heath the landlady changed all the traditional tungsten filament bulbs for new low energy ones. This measure alone saved them around 800 per year with an initial cost of only 300. The bulbs also last longer than traditional bulbs, reducing maintenance cost and time.

Councillor Ian Payne, cabinet member for economic development and corporate services, said: "Businesses have a major role to play in helping protect and enhance the environment, and those of all sizes can do their share to conserve energy. Croydon Energy Pioneers enables businesses to make real savings through ongoing energy advice and support. This free service will not only benefit the local economy, but help keep the environment clean for future generations."

The service is provided by Croydon Energy Network (CEN), with support from Croydon Council, and sponsorship from Phillips Lighting. Through their network installers CEN offers a list of tradespeople who will carry out work to stringent quality standards, ensuring businesses receive best quality workmanship and the most effective energy savings technology.

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