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Joint venture of Infineon Technologies and Osram bulbs

Joint venture of Infineon Technologies and Osram bulbs

Since January 1, 1999 a joint venture has been formed between the Infineon Technologies, formerly Siemens Semiconductor Group of Siemens AG, Berlin and Munich, and the Munich-based Siemens subsidiary Osram GmbH, one of the world´s leading company producing light bulbs and other lighting devices. The joint efforts are focused on optoelectronic semiconductors especially LEDs for regular lighting appliances. This step will enable Infineon to focus on its core business while continuing to enjoy the growing market success of its opto-electronic business. Siemens is one of the world’s three largest manufacturer of optoelectronic semiconductors and Osram is one of the three leading lamp manufacturers in the world, respectively. This new alliance could have extremely important consequences since the semiconductor light sources such as LEDs, enjoy yearly growth rates of 15 to 20%. Based in Regensburg, the prospective joint venture will operate under the name OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH & Co. OHG. Already before this alliance AIXTRON has signed several contracts with Siemens AG, Regensburg, for the supply of Multiwafer Planetary Reactor® systems for the mass production of UHB-LEDs. These high-brightness LEDs should replace conventional bulbs used in many areas such as the lighting industry, car industry, traffic lights or displays. The AIXTRON production-scale systems operate with the largest and most reliable multiwafer reactors ever made for UHB-LEDs applications. The reactor is developed for ultra-high uniform growth of the key LED materials. The two-flow horizontal reactor permits the handling of up to 5x6", 9x4", 12x3", 35x2" wafers. The reactor has a laminar flow design without turbulences for precise control of the material composition and achievement of ultra sharp interfaces. Wafer rotation is provided by the patented Gas Foil Rotation®.

AIXTRON offers a wide range of epitaxial systems for MOVPE, VPE and LPE from R&D-oriented systems up to large-scale Planetary Reactor®. The company has installed over 300 systems worldwide, provides an extensive service and support network for maintenance and upgrading and is represented in over 15 countries.

Among AIXTRON's list of further industrial clients are names such as Alcatel, Conexant, EPI, Epitronics, Honeywell, IBM, ITT, Kopin, Lucent, Motorola, NEC, Osram (former Siemens), Samsung, Uniphase and numerous Japanese corporations. AIXTRON systems have also been installed in many of the world's most renowned research institutes including JPL, Sandia Nat. Lab., Fraunhofer Institute, CNRS. AIXTRON is very active in advancing MOCVD technology through collaborations and joint R&D projects with major partners worldwide.

About Infineon

Infineon Technologies, formerly Siemens' Semiconductor Group, based in Munich, Germany, is the 10th largest semiconductor manufacturer worldwide according to Cahners In-Stat Group. Infineon provides semiconductor solutions for the telecommunications, automotive, data networking, consumer electronics, and industrial automation markets. The company's comprehensive product portfolio includes integrated system ICs, memory and high frequency components, smart card ICs, discrete semiconductors and power ICs, sensors and fiber optic components. In fiscal 1997/98, the company achieved sales of $3.8 billion (DM 6.7 billion) and employed 25,000 people worldwide.

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