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Philips Electronics connects consumers to the future this holiday season with stylish and innovative gift ideas including a lcd projector bulb

Philips Electronics connects consumers to the future this holiday season with stylish and innovative gift ideas including a lcd projector bulb

Offering consumers a glimpse into the future, Philips Electronics displayed the latest technologies and trends of tomorrow with its complete line of holiday gift ideas at the 2003 Holidays in June/Consumer Electronics Line Show event. Showcased in an experiential and futuristic environment of music, style and electronics, Philips' annual event featured innovative and forward-thinking gift solutions that spanned across all product lines, including audio, video, television, business solutions, lighting, medical, personal care and kitchen appliances.

Providing a sneak peak to holiday gift ideas, Philips showcased a variety of innovative technologies and sleek products that allow consumers to connect their homes and provide extraordinary experiences that enhance their lives.

Philips Lifestyle - Experience Better Together

Focusing on the home, Philips lifestyle products provide consumers easy access to innovative and useful digital technology that enhances daily activities. From the kitchen to the home theater room, Philips offers home entertainment and portable products that provide consumers with unique and stylish ways to start their day, watch their favorite DVD and listen to the hottest band.

Warm up this holiday season with convenient, easy ways to prepare traditional comfort foods. Start the day off right with a steamy mug of tea made in Philips' Cordless Kettle. And, after a long day of shopping and errands, the Philips' 3-in-1 Waffle/Sandwich/Grill can help whip together tasty treats from Belgian Waffles to grilled cheese sandwiches, for a delicious quick meal that is guaranteed to satisfy the whole family. Philips has a full family of beautifully designed kitchen appliances available at Target stores nationwide for this holiday season.

Philips' complete television line offers consumers a variety of innovative entertainment solutions. Philips' proprietary technology, Pixel Plus, has taken consumers and critics by storm. With Pixel Plus, the televisions are HD ready and provide HD quality images from any conventional source like VCR or DVD. Pixel Plus is now available in an extended line of products including the new Cineos televisions and the new FTR9965 e-box for the FlatTVs.

Cineos is Philips first venture into the micro-display market and one within which the company expects to create substantial ownership. These slim, lightweight table top televisions produce unbelievable picture quality thanks to Philips single panel LCoS technology. In addition, the new 17-, 23- and 30-inch widescreen FlatTV(TM) LCDs will be launched later this year and join the widest selection of FlatTVs available from any one manufacturer.

Offering consumers the latest technological solutions in small sophisticated designs, Philips new line of Infotainment devices brings a completely new level of style and sophistication to portable electronics. The new HDD100 features 15GB (more than 3000 songs) of capacity. Featuring MP3 and WMA playback, the Audio Jukebox includes Philips' patented SuperScroll(TM) providing fast and precise navigation. Philips also allows consumers to connect their living room with the rest of the world with Philips Streamium MC-i250 Wireless Internet Audio system. With the touch of a button and a broadband Internet connection, users can access radio stations and multiple online music services around the world.

To capture all the cherished holiday moments, the DVDR80 provides consumers the ultimate in DVD Recording with high quality picture and sound performance, as well as ease-of-use. Point and click programming through an on-screen TV guide allows the consumer to never miss another of their favorite TV programs.

For the ultimate in personalization, the fully programmable iPronto provides a versatile solution to control home theater, as well as the increasing number of electronic home automation products available. The iPronto gives the consumer the ability to configure the touch screen with the help of iPronto edit, the included PC editing software.

Providing consumers with full control of their holiday programming, including pausing live TV, rewinding, watching in slow motion or creating instant replays, the Philips DSR708 DIRECTV® DVR powered by TiVo, allows consumers to combine access to more than 225 digital-quality channels of DIRECTV® programming with the convenience and control of the DIRECTV DVR.

As part of Philips' commitment to enhancing the U.S. consumer entertainment experience, Philips has developed a unique partnership with Lane Furniture. Together, Philips and Lane have accepted the challenge to create a fully integrated home entertainment experience within the traditional American furniture genre.

Make your holiday gatherings sparkle with the Halogena Brilliant Crystal light bulbs. Its faceted design is perfect for any application in which dazzle and brilliance are desired. Save yourself time and money this holiday season with Philips Marathon compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Comparable in style and shape to popular incandescent lamp types, CFLs provide consumers with long life (up to seven years) and energy savings (75 percent) in a variety of household lighting applications.

In addition, Philips offers the Marathon Vanity Globe for your bathroom fixtures, the Marathon Reflector Flood for hard-to-reach areas and the Marathon Mini Decorative Twister for any area where a decorative effect is preferred.

And, as you step out for the holidays this year, make sure you're putting your best face forward with the help of personal grooming products from Norelco. This year, men can get the hottest looks at home with the new Norelco D-Finer Precise Shaper with Dual Defining technology, which lets men create unique facial hair designs with precise lines and clean edges. Norelco is also set to re-enter the women's shaving category with the debut of two new razors, including the Norelco LadyShave, with a three Comfort Zone Foil, specifically designed to guarantee ultra close, ultra comfortable results in the three key shaving areas - legs, underarms and bikini. For this year's parties and festivities, both men and women can look and feel their best, thanks to Norelco's full line of grooming products.

Philips Healthcare - Experience a New Style of Home Healthcare

Showcasing the newest solutions for oral healthcare, baby care and life-saving medical technology, Philips home healthcare products provide consumers with the latest technology and innovations from Philips Medical, Sonicare, and baby care.

The Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator is the result of extensive research on ease of use and is the first of a new generation of defibrillators designed specifically for the home. Defibrillators provide treatment for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a leading cause of death in the United States, claiming a quarter million lives each year. The Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator is ideal for the emerging class of home responders who want to be able to help save the lives of friends and relatives in the event of a cardiac arrest. Using clear, calm voice instructions, the HeartStart Home Defibrillator guides consumers through every step of the defibrillation process.

The new Sonicare Elite builds on a decade of proven excellence and integrates new features that make a superior product even better. With the Sonicare Elite, consumers are guaranteed naturally whiter teeth and healthier gums in just 28 days.

Parents no longer have to worry if baby's food is too hot or cold with the Philips Just Right digital baby food thermometer (SBC SC201). The Just Right thermometer helps parents gauge if baby's milk or food is safe to drink or eat by providing a digital temperature read out in only 20 seconds.

Philips Technology - Experience Tomorrow's Trends Today

Philips Research provides technology-based innovations by exploring the unknown and demonstrating concepts based on our multi-disciplinary strengths. Focusing on the future, Philips Research demonstrates a robust wireless adaptive video streaming for a home network and solid state lighting with an interactive interface where you control the color of your lighting.

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