Invention Of The Light Bulb
Did anyone from North East England create the best invention? Was it the invention of the light bulb?

Did anyone from North East England create the best invention? Was it the invention of the light bulb?

To celebrate the Patent Officeís 150th anniversary, the public are invited to vote for the best and worst inventions on Radio Four Today Programmeís national web poll.

People from North East England have been behind a number of great inventions. The electric light bulb invented by Joseph Wilson Swan from Newcastle upon Tyne in 1880 and the railway locomotive invented by George Stevenson from Newcastle upon Tyne are inventions that are indispensable in our society - are these Britainís best inventions? The public can nominate or vote for their favourite and/or worst invention via the Patent Office or BBC Radio Four Today Programme website.

The best and worst inventions may be nominated for many reasons. A worst invention could be chosen because it is environmentally unsafe, pointless or just irritating. Best inventions could be nominated as inventions that play a vital role in our society from saving our lives to saving us time. Favourite inventions from the publicís initial vote will be shortlisted on 23 October for the public to then decide upon the ultimate best and worst inventions.

Jeremy Philpott, marketing executive at The Patent Office, says: "Since the creation of the Patent Office in 1852, ground-breaking British inventions have revolutionised the way we live. It will be interesting to see what the general public consider to be the best and indeed the worst invention."

The Patent Office was established 150 years ago in London to protect and encourage the innovation of the industrial revolution. The patent system itself dates back to the fifteenth century, but the foundation of the Patent Office simplified and harmonised procedures. The modern Patent Office also houses the Trade Marks Registry, Designs Registry and Copyright Directorate, making it the sole authority for intellectual property in the UK and respected worldwide.

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