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The Middle East gets laser tag and wows with black light bulbs

The Middle East gets laser tag and wows with black light bulbs

Creative Works was hired by a company in Amman Jordan to design and build a 5,000 square foot themed laser tag attraction as part of a larger entertainment complex with restaurants, theatres, upscale specialty shops and more.

The site was located in the heart of the city in an upper class area. It was built on the second floor of the entertainment complex in the game area.

This 5,000 square foot site was one of the larger overseas projects undertaken by Creative Works because it included additional theming of the briefing, vesting, and lobby areas. The theme chosen was the popular High-Tech Package as listed on their catalog website located at: From this base package, the owner decided to upgrade with additional options to really add the WOW EFFECT to their site. Some of the added options included: intelligent roboscans, black light murals, a lighted archway, discount fog juice package, black light bulbs, logo wall, themed targets structures and more.

In addition to these laser tag add-ons, they also chose the popular arcade-style game called Makoto, an interactive sport arena for all ages. This exciting new profit-generating game will be the first of its kind in this country and itís expected to be a big hit. To find out more about Makoto, go to:

This international site is another strong indicator that laser tag continues to grow and prosper all over the world as a profitable entertainment attraction. It also shows Creative Works continued commitment to remain at the forefront of providing themed laser tag adventures all over the world.

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