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LED replacement bulbs insert give “Snap-In” LED power efficiencies to traditional incandescent fixtures

LED replacement bulbs insert give “Snap-In” LED power efficiencies to traditional incandescent fixtures

Orca Green Marine Technology Corporation (OGM) today introduced four new products to their Argo Navis(tm) Series of LED Navigation Lights, providing current Aqua Signal 25 customers with a low power, long life LED option without having to replace their existing housings.

“It is amazing the energy needed to run two 25W incandescent bulbs (for two nav lights) for 10 hours. This is as much as my refrigerator uses in a day,” said long time sailor, Dr. John Oprandy of Annapolis, MD. “Conserving energy, rather than adding greater energy generation to a boat is one of my key goals in fitting out my boat for long distance cruising. OGM’s LED Navigation Inserts go a long way toward achieving this goal.”

Although Oprandy had tried other LED replacement bulbs, he continued to look for a quality reliable LED solution that he could afford. “The other products available are too expensive to be worth it. OGM’s product was BRIGHT and actually worked. I’m very happy with the results.”

"OGM strives to listen to our customers’ needs and build products that will help them have a better boating experience,” said Otto (Hobie) Caldwell, OGM President and CEO. "The company was founded out of a passion for boating, and our continued commitment to our customers will ensure we deliver the same quality solutions with future products as we have with the Argo Navis LED Navigation Light series."

About OGM (www.orcagreen.com)

Headquartered in Kemah, Texas, OGM designs and markets LED Navigation lights and bulb-replacement inserts for power and sailboats in its vision of bringing emerging and environmentally conscious technologies to the marine market. OGM introduced its first product, named “Argo Navis(tm) Series”, in June of 2003 and now has a line of low power LED navigation lights which include complete lights (in waterproof housings) as well as a series of bulb-replacement inserts which are a snap-in replacement for the Aqua Signal(r) 25 series. OGM’s line of products brings this new technology to the boater, addressing their biggest issues of power consumption and reliability. The company plans to establish itself as the leader of LED technology in the marine market with innovative, reliable products based on customer input. The Argo Navis Series utilizes a patent-pending design for power regulation, which ensures the lights burn at full brightness as battery voltage drops from 16V down to 3V. Products are currently available online at OGM’s website, www.orcagreen.com, and at several Texas local chandleries, boatyards, and marinas with international expansion underway.

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