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Imtra Marine Lighting offers solutions for longer halogen bulb life!

Imtra Marine Lighting offers solutions for longer halogen bulb life!

Imtra Marine Lighting offers real solutions to premature halogen bulb failure. Are you tired of replacing your G4 Halogen bulbs every few hundred hours? Imtra Marine Lighting introduces the latest generation Xenon XH Bulbs which have the long life you expect from Xenon now with the same brightness as the G4 Halogen. The benefits of Xenon XH are clear: 75%-100% longer lamp life, less heat, no damaging UV rays, even light distribution and low pressure gas means no danger of bursting. Where excessive voltage is consistently a problem, IML recommends the Bulb Saver. The Bulb Saver is a non polarity sensitive device which reduces the applied voltage by exactly 1.5 volts. This reduction in voltage can increase bulb life by as much as 5 times depending on the application. For extreme cases of voltage flux, IML offers the Cantalupi Voltage Stabilizer. Available in both 12V and 24V versions, the compact Voltage Stabilizer will regulate output voltage (max 25W) to at or near 12 volts or 24 volts respectively, despite any variation in input voltage within max values indicated. If voltage exceeds max values, voltage is shut down to the lamp and restored as soon as acceptable current is resumed.

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