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Headlight bulbs become available again

Headlight bulbs become available again

Some time back, the General Electric company ceased production of steam locomotive headlight bulbs. This left a limited supply of stock, and caused a great deal of concern for those in the tourist railroad industry that still needed access to these light bulbs. The Summer, 1998 TrainLine magazine (sent to members of the Tourist Railroad Association, Inc., known commonly by the nickname "Train") reports that Backshop Enterprises of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, is working on contracting a full production run of 32 volt, 250 watt steam locomotive headlight bulbs. These bulbs will duplicate the original pear shape and rough service design of the original style bulbs.

Other Items from TrainLine

A few other items of interest from the Summer, 1998 issue are of interest to Pacific Northwest Railfans as well: there is also an article about the Black Hills Central Railroad in South Dakota, which has on its roster ex-Peninsula Terminal 2-6-2 #104, plus ex-Oregon Electric car #112, which is used as a coach.

UP to Encourage Sleeping on the Job

Union Pacific Railroad announced today it is implementing its successful napping policy across its eight-state Southern Region to help employees who operate trains manage fatigue.

The policy, which is part of Union PacificÕs Alertness Management program, allows one train crew member to take a nap for up to 45 minutes while the train is stopped. Pilot projects were conducted last year at eight locations across the railroad. "Scientific studies have demonstrated that naps can increase both alertness and performance levels," said Denny Holland, director - alertness management. The pilot napping program began in March 1998 and was made up of 3,700 employees who operate trains. About six percent of those participating in the pilot were surveyed and indicated they averaged about three and one-half naps during a seven-day work period, with the average length of the nap just over 30 minutes. Union PacificÕs napping policy is scheduled to be implemented across the remainder of the railroad by the end of the first quarter.

States in the UPÕs Southern Region include Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico.

UP Hauls Christmas Trees

Union Pacific estimates it will haul more than 1,000 truck trailers loaded with more than 675,000 Christmas trees on its intermodal trains from Portland, Oregon to the Los Angeles area this year.

There are more than 900 growers in the Pacific Northwest who produce an estimated 8.5 million trees each year worth more than $100 million.

Major Plans Made for WAPI in 2000 Event

On the following pages are some plans that the Western Antique Powerland Inc. ( WAPI ) would like to see developed for an event to take place in the year 2000. The celebration will be of 100 years of machines and industrial history. It is hoped that this event, and the developments surrounding preparation for it, will turn WAPI's facility in Brooks into a major living history museum.

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