LCD Display Lights
LCD Display Lights – Now Readable in Sunlight

LCD Display Lights – Now Readable in Sunlight

How many times have you seen LCD display lights that were simply not readable in the sun light? In dark rooms or on cloudy days the liquid crystal display light work fine, but the sun would often wash out the display to the point were you could no longer see what was being displayed on the LCD light display. For many people this was a frustrating experience.

Now a LCD Display Light that uses transflective technology to provide a brighter display will use the suns light to create a reflection that actually helps the illumination of the display and makes the bulbs brighter. Now the lights display is easily readable and can be used for many outdoor applications. The other alternative is to provide more backlight capabilities, however this older technology provided less illumination and required more heat dissipation and power to handle the fans and lights that were required.

Adding transflective illumination technology eliminates the additional back lights and reduces power requirements for bulbs. The LCD panels can be used almost anywhere and will adjust to the light conditions. The best analogy is for consumer’s to think of a mirror inside the LCD display. When sun light shines on the display the light passes through the display and is reflected back to the screen causing the bulb and illumination to brighten. The applications and illumination will be endless.

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