Long Lasting Bulbs
Long Lasting Bulbs – Switch to A CFL

Long Lasting Bulbs – Switch to A CFL

There are many good reasons to switch to longer lasting compact fluorescent lights or CFL’s. One of the reasons to switch from incandescent lights to long lasting bulbs is that CFL’s will last much longer that the standard bulb. In fact, depending on the manufacturer, consumers should expect to be able to use a compact fluorescent light to provide illumination for up to ten times longer than the traditional incandescent light. Although CFL’s are more expensive that normal bulbs, they are not so far apart when you compare ten incandescent light bulbs to one CFL.

A long lasting bulb has other advantages as well. Consumers do not have to change the bulb as often and if they are in hard to get at locations, this is really an added bonus. Commercial operators do not need to pay someone to go around and change the bulbs as often as well with long lasting CFL’s. Another advantage to work into the business case for long lasting lights is that they also use a lot less energy for their illumination.

Energy consumption for a CFL is usually typically up to 70 to 80 percent less that an incandescent light bulb, yet still will produce the same amount of light measured in the number of lumens. Consumers can save on their electricity by using CFL’s and add to the positive business case for using longer lasting lights that are now available on the market. One last advantage is that there is a lot less heat involved with these bulbs. Less danger of being burned when you pick them up and less air conditioning required to cool the air heated by the illumination of regular bulbs.

This is a good time to switch to lights that last longer and provide the same illumination as regular incandescent bulbs.

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