Tractor Light Bulbs
Tractor Light Bulbs Work in Difficult Work Sites

Tractor Light Bulbs Work in Difficult Work Sites

Construction conditions demand a well designed and constructed light bulb to provide illumination for work sites, construction areas, mining, docks and also down on the farm. The common denominator for all of these work activities is shock, vibration and constant use which means that tractor light bulbs must be designed to provide high intensity light under extremely difficult conditions that you will find where tractors are in use.

Tractors are in a situation were they are constantly moving, bouncing around rough construction sites, and generally be treated very badly as construction equipment. A tractor light bulb is important especially at night or in a mine when illumination is required to ensure safety of the work site. Tractors operators must be able to see what they doing at all times, and the light bulb plays an vital part in illumination. High intensity lights can provide bright light which enables the tractor operator illumination far enough ahead as well as behind him to avoid any accident situation.

There are different lights you can install on tractors depending on the application needed and the work activity that is being completed. Commercial tractor operators can install, or change on the go lights that give a concentrated beam or spot light bulb for driving, to a wide flood beam for broader work in a stationary situation. If you wish to change from one to the other, just change the lenses of the light bulbs and you are ready to go. These lights burn at 4250 degrees Kelvin so operators need to take some care when changing lenses. Make sure that the lens has had time to cool sufficiently. HID tractor bulbs are also designed to last up to eight times longer than traditional halogen bulbs.

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