UV Cleansing Bulbs
UV Cleansing Bulbs Now Available for Residences

UV Cleansing Bulbs Now Available for Residences

The ultraviolet light bulb have been used for years in commercial applications and in hospitals because it cleans the air of many air borne bacteria and viruses. Now consumers can install UV cleansing bulbs in their homes and receive proper illumination and healthy air. Consumers that suffer from allergies may also find a big improvement once the UV lights are installed.

For example if there is mould in the air in your home, a properly installed ultraviolet cleansing light bulb will damage the DNA of the mould, making it impossible for the mould to reproduce and significantly reduce the number of mould spores in the air. The UV lights must be properly installed to gain maximum efficiency of the cleansing abilities of the UV lights. There must be a flow of air constantly passing the ultraviolet light at a slow velocity, when it cleans the best, but it depends on the rating of the light bulb you choose.

The instructions that come with the bulbs will assist you in their proper installation and illumination. Having the UV cleansing bulb installed in your home can also help prevent other types of airborne diseases from taking hold especially of some one is sick in the home. The UV light will damage the DNA of many micro organisms including cold viruses, influenza, measles, staph, strep throat, chicken pox and other airborne particles that find their way into our homes from a number of sources.

These cleansing bulbs are the newest item on the market that cleans the air inside the home while providing illumination. Proper placement will increase the efficiency of the ultra-violet cleansing lights.

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