Ultraviolet Light Bulbs
Ultraviolet Light Bulbs Improve Health

Ultraviolet Light Bulbs Improve Health

Consumers suffering from allergies to moulds and other airborne bacteria and fungi may want to consider installing ultraviolet light bulbs in their homes to reduce or eliminate these airborne pollutants. UV rays that are emitted from the bulb provide regular illumination as well as emit ultraviolet rays that will break down the DNA of the bacteria and the moulds to kill them and avoid causing people all sorts of illnesses.

The ultraviolet light bulb is also being installed in many commercial establishments, as well as some hospitals, for illumination. Administrators believe that the UV light bulb installed in an air conditioner duct will help to control all sorts of air borne diseases that find their way into the hospital from patients as well as those that are generated in the air conditioning system. The lights would be effective against moulds that also may exist.

The effectiveness of these lights is dependent on a number of variables. The power of the lights must be sufficient for the application that the light bulbs will be used for. The air must also come in close proximity to the UV rays. The power of the ultraviolet illumination decreases exponentially as the distance grows from the source of the UV radiation produced by the UV lights. Another factor is the quantity and the velocity of the air that is passing around the UV lights. Air moving at high velocity will cause particles to be exposed to the lights for less time than slow moving air.

Consumers and business people should take these issues into account when they are selecting a UV light to be installed to ensure that the effectiveness of the UV lights are at their maximum potential.

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