Fog Light Bulbs
Fog Light Bulbs – Reduce Glare

Fog Light Bulbs – Reduce Glare

Many new cars manufactured today are being provided with fog lamps as standard illumination equipment. Fog light bulbs are very useful in many different conditions on country and city roads during heavy fog, heavy rain or even snowstorms. Fog lights increase the illumination for the driver by directing the light in a more focused direction immediately in from of the car.

In foggy conditions, normal headlights, especially high beam lights, are aimed higher directly into the fog and much of the light reflects off the droplets back towards the driver. When a fog light bulb is aimed properly, the bulb is positioned so that they aim the lights lower towards the road and any reflection of light is back at an angle away from the driver causing less glare. These light bulbs in foggy conditions can make a huge difference in illumination for the driver as well as oncoming traffic. Oncoming traffic is able to see the fog light bulb easier, as well decreasing the danger of a head on collision.

Many drivers in North America have decided to leave their fog lights on all of the time. In clear conditions this extra illumination assists the driver with more light on the road, however it also adds more blinding light to oncoming traffic. The oncoming drivers are now staring into four lights, which make it more difficult to see. During snowstorms and foggy conditions, there is not as much light getting through due to the reflections and blinding from the bulb is not such a problem.

Use of fog lights in the right circumstances, like when it's foggy or snowing, is an excellent way of illuminating the road in front of you and avoiding collisions with cars and animals on the road who may be also blinded by the light.

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