Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs – Hotels Reduce Costs

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs – Hotels Reduce Costs

Hotels use a lot of lights and that’s why the business for compact fluorescent bulbs replacing regular incandescent bulbs is popular. A large hotel with three thousand rooms may have an average of 10 bulbs in every room, which will need replacement for illumination. That’s thirty thousand bulbs to replace, after every 1000 hours of use, for incandescent bulbs. On top of that incandescent bulbs generate only 10% light and 90% of the energy used is wasted as heat, which then has to be cooled with air conditioning.

Now imagine if all of these bulbs were replaced with a compact fluorescent bulb and the energy cost decreased by 80% with the same light being provided in each room. These fluorescent lights provide the illumination at a fraction of the operating cost of an incandescent bulb, and do not produce any significant amount of heat so air conditioning also decreases. So what’s the drawback? Fuorescents cost more to than normal lights purchase and even with the bulk buying deals that a large hotel might negotiate there still will be a replacement cost for lights that is going to be significant, usually five to ten times more than an incandescent bulb.

Still, hotels can generate a positive business case for switching to a compact fluorescent light bulb with reduced costs in energy used for light, air conditioning and maintenance since fluorescent bulbs will last up to ten times as long as an incandescent bulb. Payback for the business is usually less than a year for each bulb and the hotel gets to make a positive contribution to reducing greenhouse gas pollution. Actual business case numbers depend on hotel power rates for illumination, their cost for fuorescents and maintenance labour costs.

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