Indoor LED Lights
Indoor LED Lights Ė Costs are Coming Down

Indoor LED Lights Ė Costs are Coming Down

LEDís are being used for more and more indoors application, like illumination, in cars, like a headlight bulb, and commercial applications. Initially due to colour limitations, they only emitted light in the red zone and therefore they could not be used for replacement of normal home and office light bulbs. Recently scientists have figured out how to make the diodes emit green and blue light allowing diodes to emulate any colour in the spectrum. Suddenly indoor LED lights were possible, and shortly we expect that LED lights will begin replacing incandescent and even compact fluorescent lights for illumination.

If LEDís are used as an indoor LED light bulb, the savings in energy costs could be immense as more and more home owners switch over to LED bulbs. Since diodes are so energy efficient it is felt that many coal burning plants could be closed and new ones would not need to be built. Light emitting diodes could easily save the country billions in energy costs and begin to have a significant impact on the production of green house gases.

It is amazing how one little light emitting diode could have such a profound impact. However as LEDís are used more and more indoors in our homes and offices, the savings will gradually increase. LED lights are now used in many appliances indoors and they now are finding their way into television sets and computer screens, reducing the cost of operation significantly. As more applications for light emitting diodes appear the cost of manufacturing diodes will decrease to compete more effectively with traditional light bulbs and illumination sources.

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