Light Emitting Diodes
Light Emitting Diodes Ė Still Developing New Ideas

Light Emitting Diodes Ė Still Developing New Ideas

Light emitting diodes first came into being in 1962 with the first LED emitted a red colour from the diode. Since then LED lights have seen many developments and uses and are finding their way into more and more applications and equipment. The light emitting diode emits a light using very little energy and dissipates very little heat, which makes diodes excellent for electronics applications and other applications were heat dissipation is an issue.

The LEDís in combination with the transistor are single handily responsible for the miniaturization of most electronics such as car radios and many devices that just were not possible prior to these devices being invented. Diodes emit light when an electrical current is applied and the light can be channelled to indicate signals to the operator of whatever equipment is being used. Consider for a moment the old tube radios, which used a combination of tubes and incandescent lights to work. A great deal of heat was given off by both and it was impossible to carry one around in your pocket the way they do today.

LEDís now are used to indicate if the radio is on or off by turning the diode on, which emits a signal. It can be left on and will work on a battery for many weeks or months since the diodes draw such little current. Proper application of LEDís can generate huge savings in many industries and make possible many applications that were previously not possible. Today cities are applying bunched LED lights to traffic control lights, as the LED emits bright reds and greens to control traffic and saves energy and maintenance costs due to the long life cycle of the diodes.

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