Titanium-dioxide Coated Lights
Titanium-Dioxide Coated Lights Energy Efficient

Titanium-Dioxide Coated Lights Energy Efficient

Titanium-Dioxide Coated Lights are new on the market in North America and have multiple benefits for consumers with allergies, and save energy at the same time. These titanium lights are low wattage bulbs that can be used in any light fixture as you would any normal incandescent light. They provide the same amount of light as normal bulbs and use one third of the power while lasting at least 8 times longer than the standard incandescent bulb.

The bulb has a coat of Titanium-Dioxide which has been used in other countries to destroy strains of bacteria and also to eliminate or reduce airborne micro-organisms, smoke and odours which are in your home. This titanium-dioxide coated light bulb creates a photo-catalytic reaction with these airborne organisms and converts them into carbon dioxide elements, eliminating them from the air and eliminating them from causing the occupants of the home any infections and allergy symptoms. The titanium coats the glass and begins the photo-catalytic reaction any time the light bulb is turned on.

One of the great advantages of these light bulbs is that it can be used as a normal bulb that you would screw into any light socket in a lamp on your coffee table or end tables. These lights operate as a normal light, they save you money since they are low wattage lights, they last up to eight times longer and they destroy the viruses, odours and fungi that or in the air due to the coat. These lights offer great value with all that they are capable of doing due to the bacteria killing coats, while being convenient to use as well.

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