LED Traffic Lights
LED Traffic Lights – Cities Save Money

LED Traffic Lights – Cities Save Money

More and more cities are looking into replacing the existing incandescent bulbs they have been using for years with LED traffic lights. These traffic lights in this case are clusters of tiny LEDs (light emitting diode) grouped together to provide bright traffic lights and are being used at more and more intersections. The LED traffic light uses much less power, provides a brighter light, more illumination and should reduce accidents since motorists can see the street signals easier.

LED’s group together in clusters are connected to the same electrical street circuits that the incandescent lights were connected to, but do not need the same heat dissipation deflectors that were required by incandescent bulbs. LED lights also last much longer than the normal incandescent bulbs, which can have a 12- 18 month life span. Further savings are obtained by not having city crews having to complete as much maintenance changing street light bulbs and repairing burned or charred connections.

If every city in North America were to convert to LED lights for traffic systems, there would be huge savings in electricity costs in illumination, maintenance savings and tax reductions that would be possible. Without actually doing the calculations the savings from converting all traffic lights to LED lights would reduce the number of coal fired generating stations that need to be built. Savings in the amount of green house gas, pollution and improvements in the air environment would be significant. LED’s are finding their way into more and more applications in city, commercial and residential applications. Further improvements will be made for all types of illumination requirements over the next several years.

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