Fluorescent Lights
Fluorescent Lights – Reducing Energy Bills

Fluorescent Lights – Reducing Energy Bills

Consumers who are willing to convert from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent lights for lighting can save money in a number of ways, as well as help the environment. The fluorescent light bulb is 60-80% more efficient in illumination than the regular incandescent light bulb. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and there are compact fluorescent bulbs or CFL’s now available that will fit into just about any existing lamp you have. A fluorescent bulb generates much less heat and are much more efficient.

Some of the ways that a compact fluorescent light or CFL can save money include a longer illumination cycle and CFLs operate at a much lower temperature for illumination, giving off much less heat which affects air conditioning in the summer. Also, the power required to run CFL’s is much less. Consumers can save as much as 10-20% on their electrical bill each month, depending on how long their lights are left on.

Consumers should review the packaging for fluorescent bulbs to completely understand the lighting savings. Each CFL can save as much as $50 over the lifetime of these bulbs, after taking into account the purchase prices which are usually more expensive than the standard incandescent bulbs. Consumers can make a real contribution to improving the environment by switching to CFL’s to illuminate your homes, offices and work places. Reductions in coal fired plants and new nuclear plants are among the savings you can achieve by switching to using fluorescent bulbs for lighting.

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