UV Light Bulbs
UV Light Bulbs Disinfect Water

UV Light Bulbs Disinfect Water

Many countries in central and South America cannot provide clean drinking water to substantial numbers of their population in rural environments as well as in many cities. Poor areas may not have access to chlorinated drinking water and many people die each year from viruses and other water borne diseases that are present. UV light bulbs can provide a relatively low cost solution for many people to obtain clean drinking water by lighting and illumination.

The UV light bulb operates by illuminating the water as it passes the ultaviolet tube and causing the virus and bacteria to die from the UV lighting radiation. Scientists have calculated how much ultraviolet radiation is required for water flowing at a specific rate past the ultraviolet bulb to ensure that all bacteria is killed by illumination. The UV light bulb is seen as a relatively inexpensive way for governments and individuals to gain access to clean water sources.

Governments in these developing countries must find a way to sponsor the availability of ultraviolet lights for applications such as this, since most of the population cannot afford even these UV lights. Ultaviolet bulbs that will illuminate the water and kill all of the bacteria probably represent several months wages for some of the poorer people in these regions. In some cases a central source of clean water provided by the application of ultraviolet radiation to a common source of water could be shared by a small village. Governments may be willing to sponsor these types of applications of ultraviolet lights for the illumination and lighting of water, instead of mass chlorination and clean distribution of water.

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